What is Business Card Template?

By | October 16, 2017

Business card templates

Business card are needed to help connect to other and build social and business network. Proper networking elicits the exact opposite response. It is not a cheesy sales technique, but an attempt to connect with others and let others connect with you. Therefore, business card enchanting build business relationships.

Good business card is a tool of branding your business and makes it well-known in the business sphere. Necessity of creating business card commonly appeared to find professional connections or for business contacts. Business cards exist for four different types of professionals: business owner, self-employee, creative specialist, international representative. So, the main functions of business card are:

  1. Connecting with others and letting others connect with you
  2. Foundation of your business-development success
  3. Making it easy for people to know who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer
  4. Encourage people to like you, trust you and find you by welcoming, professional image
Business Card Template

Business Card Template

Key element of a business card template

There are some very common key data element that must appear on your business card template. Keep your data information in the following order:

  1. Company (name of a company, providing by company logo)
  2. Card keeper (full name of business card owner, position and specialization)
  3. Contact information (telephone number, fax, e-mail, address, website or social network)
Business Card Template

Business Card Template

Design of a business card template

Try to create an individual and unforgettable designed business card, it helps you to make a good first impression on your potential business partner or client. You should take a lot of attention to create well-designed business card and use a list of standard and common points of business card template. The size and color: ordinary size of your business card is 84mm * 55mm, choose the color of your card where the words are visible. Prepare bleed area about 3mm. Do not use the borders.  Include all the important information and creative company logo. You should remember that the design of your business card template must be individual and creative. Switch on the imagination and make a card that will show your responsibility, advantages and represent your professionalism.

Business Card Template

Business Card Template

Creating tools for business card templates

Among the main tools of creating business card template can be picked out: making business card on Photoshop, creating business card in Word, using online web-editors.

As an example how to create business card in Microsoft Word. Microsoft word contains the tools you can you to make and print your business card. Find out the proper template in the list, and select it. You will be able to add or change any element, format in your template you want: color, logo, images, front, etc. Fill the personal information and save you template. At the last step, you want to print your finish version of business card.