What is Check?

By | November 2, 2017


  • Check is a is a valuable paper by which the person who issued it asks the bank to pay the specified amount to the specific recipient. The person who wrote the check must ensure that the bank has the amount specified in the check.

Checks appeared in the XIII century in Italy to facilitate international trade and gradually spread to other European countries. Initially, the check replaced gold and silver, later – cash.

Today, checks are used on travel, as well as when paying salaries, pensions and refunds.

How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?


There are 5 main types of checks:

  • Cash checks
  • Settlement checks
  • Nominal checks
  • Bearer checks
  • Order checks


  • Settlement Checks

Settlement checks are checks used for non-cash settlements. The settlement check is a document of the established form containing the unconditional written order of the drawee to his bank to transfer a certain amount of money from his account to the account of the check holder.

How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?

  • Cash checks

Cash checks are used to pay cash to the holder of a check in the bank, for example, for wages, household needs, travel expenses, purchases of agricultural products, etc.


  • Nominal checks

Nominal check is discharged to a certain person.


  • Bearer checks

Bearer check is discharged to bearer.


  • Order checks

Order check is issued in favor of a certain person or at his order, that is, the drawer can transfer it to the new owner by means of an endorsement.

How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?


To fill out, you’ll need a check template. There are a lot of free and printable templates for checks available online.

Below is the list of websites that offer printable check templates for your:

  1. Net – www.template.net
  2. Printable Paper – printablepaper.net
  3. Vertex42 – vertex42.com
  4. Microsoft Office – templates.office.com
  5. Money Instructor – moneyinstructor.com
  6. Education World – educationworld.com
  7. Vexteezy – vexteezy.com

Now, let’s see how to fill them out.

How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?


General rules of how to write a check:

RULE #1.

The amount of the check in figures and in words, as well as the date of issue (month in words) are filled with ink by hand or ballpoint pen.

RULE #2.

In the “amount in words” information, the free spaces ahead and after the sum of the money must necessarily be crossed by two lines.


After the word “pay” is written in ink or a ballpoint pen:

On the nominal receipt:

  • Surname,
  • first name
  • patronymic of the person to whom the check is issued.
How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?

RULE #3.

The amount in words must start at the beginning of the line. The word “dollars” should be indicated after the sum in words without leaving an empty space.

RULE #4.

The check is signed by the drawer necessarily with ink or a ballpoint pen.

Signing a check before filling all of its details is strictly prohibited.

RULE #5.

No corrections in the text of the check are allowed, because they make the check invalid.

If there are cards with sample signatures in the bank account with the samples of signatures that are not assigned to the organization, the checks are accepted by the bank without attaching them to the seal.

RULE #6.

Simultaneously with the drawing up of the check all the requisites of the counterfoil must be filled.

How to Write a Check?

How to Write a Check?

RULE #7.

The back of the paid and damaged checks, as well as the damaged checks, the drawee must keep at least three years.

RULE #8.

The account holder must, at the time of closing the account, return check books to the bank’s institution with the remaining unused stubs and checks upon application, indicating the number of checks.

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