What is Excel Template?

By | October 24, 2017

What does Excel Template mean?

When you plan to create some documents like a budget, timeline, accounting, chart etc. you would better to use an excel page. Excel program is more appropriate for some works. But you may have to struggle with the many details in the Excel and this causes the users to spend too much time. An excel template is a format which is ready and can be very easily used in order to create a useful and effective excel documents. They are easy to use and you may be satisfied with the results.

Excel Template

Excel Template

Where can you find the Templates of Excel?

An excel template can be generally used by 2 methods; first you can use the Excel program to create the templates. Second; you can use the ready templates which are provided by many websites. The ready templates have very easy steps to create;

  1. Choose the appropriate template for your need and desire
  2. Download it free
  3. Edit the template as you like

The websites generally offer templates services free of charge. There are a wide variety of templates; you can choose one of them. It is easy to create documents with these prepared templates. They are also known as Excel Spreadsheet Templates.

Excel Template

Excel Template

Some Examples of Templates

There are many ready templates for Excel Spreadsheets. You can see the following examples for you to use:

Template for a Timeline: If you want to create a timeline for any project; these templates are appropriate for planning, having a to-do list and tracking the projects. Timeline templates are easily downloaded.

Template for a Budget (Project): In order to record and follow the tasks cost, budget templates may be very useful and practical for the users. Many people need a detailed budgeting. There are different budget templates for different fields. There are also budget templates for business, events, household, personal etc.

Excel Template

Excel Template

Template for Loan Schedule: This template is very appropriate for calculating your mortgage or any other loan and recording the important details.

Template for a Travel: When you go to a vacation, you may use this template easily and plan your travel events in detailed.

Template for a Business Plan: You can download and edit this template very easily according to your own business plan. You have some options such as timeline, task separating etc.…You can follow your business goals and developments with this template.

There are many other templates except these examples above; you can open them in Excel program.

Excel Template

Excel Template

The Best Templates

If you decide to take advantages of using prepared templates; you can find them at many websites. Web sites generally provide the templates free of charge but some may demand a fee. Now, you can see some websites below:

  1. smartsheet.com
  2. vertex42.com
  3. http://www.skilledup.com
  4. thebalance.com
  5. spreadsheet123.co

Let’s start to create your excel documents with a free excel template in a short time!