What is Graph Paper?

By | November 8, 2017

What is the graph paper?

  • The logo or emblem of the company is paper with the address and contact information printed on it, usually A4 (21cmx29.7). It is not in company external correspondence, So you can use it to help you figure out a much more formal and serious image.
Graph Paper

Graph Paper


Letterhead is

  • at thehead of the company’s everyday needs. When you write a personal correspondence, choose letterhead instead of ordinary paper. It is helpful to reflect your institutionalism in the best way. Let us not forget institutionalism first for us …

How should Letterhead Design be?

  • Thelogo or emblem of the firm should be located in the upper right hand side of the left hand side and should have the information and contact information on the bottom side but this design is not limited to this but it can be specially designed as desired within the frame of the printing rules.
Graph Paper

Graph Paper

What should I look for before printing letterhead?


  • Graphics: Graphics arethe art of placing letters, words, totals, photographs, forms, colors on the graph  paper with pleasure and proportions and creating innovation and charm in this layout. He has gone through the language of “Grapnein” in ancient Greek.
  • Design: It is a creative action that takes a specific purpose based on planning.
  • Graphic Design: It is defined as the design of read viewed images. When visual elements are placed in the same direction as the edge lines in graphic design, they form a dynamic and energetic structure when they are placed in a regular and stable position.
Graph Paper

Graph Paper

  • Communication: A feeling, thought, behavior and information exchange between two people or groups of people called sender and receiver.
  • Graphic Communication: It is defined as exchange of information consisting of images. Articles, pictures and photographs are the main graphic communication tools. Producing a message in clear, economic and aesthetic ways is the main purpose of graphic communication. The economics of graphical communication means that the smallest possible number of visual im- ages can transfer the highest possible number of information. Example: We understand male / female toilets or input / output graphic images. Elements of Graphic Design: Line, tone, color, texture, shape, size, direction. / The lines communicate in some messages according to the characters and their position. For example; The horizontal line stagnation, the vertical line dignity, the diagonal line vitality, the curved line gives the elegance expression./Tones are usually obtained by semimanufacturing the visual imagen with the half-tone reproduction technique. Tons and lines are the elements that create contrast in the design. / Color is one of the building blocks that brings a design to the fountain. Colors create different effects on the viewer. Some of them are personal, and some of them are generalizable emotions. For example; Warm colors are stimulants, cold colors are relaxing, relaxing colors can be evaluated as the generalizable effects on the graph paper.