What is the Flow Cytometry?

By | November 15, 2017

What is the flow cytometry?

The particles are passed through a section illuminated by a laser light; of cells. The signals they pass through the front of the light are collected and analyzed. Formed . The source of the signals, the size of the cell, the granularity, etc. May also be the various fluorochromes linked to the cell. Thus the cell or particle. Immunophenotype, DNA content, enzyme activities, cell membrane potential, viability. Fluorocene non-flow cytometry for clinical studies of whole blood cell count. Used in laboratories. For more diverse investigations fluorocene ones used. These are called cytofluorometers. Many biological research on flow cytometers and in hospitals centers. Some 7,000 in the world has. It is used in medical centers. Also cancerous CD4 lymphocyte level in the cell line and in the blood of AIDS patient in the hospitals.

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Working Principles of Flow Cytometer

The laser light deflected as each cell or particle passes through the laser beam

The fluorocene light emitted by the cells is brought together and the optical filters and

By separating them according to different wave lengths by mirrors, They are converted. These signals are digitized and transferred to the screen as histograms.  The histogram is a visual representation of the frequency distributions of the measured parameters.

The cells must be live or constant during the measurement,

It must be suspended. The suspension containing the cells was passed through the laser beam in a continuous flow. It must pass. Each cell deflects a part beam and at the same time a laser. That is, extra energy is charged, the fluorocene light.

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

How do you measured the by cytometer?

Fluorocene density is a function of many however the cells is important for you body in various components of the and Measured in the longitudinal direction. Numbers of specific components of fluorocene proplast cells. Is use the report. Fluorocene antibodies are more various reseptors. Populational of various cells kinds, consists the cells. Are use the report the concentrations of Subpopulations of differentiated cell types, including cells

determines. By them fluorocene, the surface of hormones and flow cytometry.   Total intercellular components and DNA / cell (cell Allowing for the analysis of newly DNA, DNA or The specific nucleotide mRNA-forming flamentos and optics and detector any Fluorocene proliferation can be collected with the inclusion of a construct.

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

At the same time flow cytometry, free calcium between cells, membrane potential ph. Another rapid changes in free acids. Cytometer is; Fluids, laser optics, electronic detectors, analogue digital, Translators and PC. Optical part emits laser light and the beam passes through several cells. Focus on the bunch of diameters.

Finally, some investgate of flow cytometer.
           Flow cytometry tests individual particles flowing in a specific region. Suspended particles, Towards the center of the floating sheath in particles that do not have any particles in the flowing cells They directed.

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