Where can you find a Business Card Template?

By | November 4, 2017


Business cards came into use in ancient China and were intended to represent the identity of civil servants – their name and position. In the European society business cards have come into use not so long ago.

Printed business cards were used in France to represent the identity of the owner at various receptions.

Later, already began to be used in the 18th century, engraved business cards that looked more elegant, and with the advent of cameras in the 19th century, began to carry more fun and business cardholders exchanged them for any reason.

  • Nowadays, business card is simply a card that shows the information about its owner.
Business Card Template

Business Card Template


Nowadays there are three types of business cards – personal, business and corporate


  • Personal

Perosnal ones contain only personal information to transmit it when meeting in informal communication.


  • Business

This type of card contains information about the post of the visitor, his personality and some data for communication with him at the workplace.


  • Corporate

The corporate business card does not contain any personal information. In this case, the person who passes the business card acts on behalf of the company.

There are also mixed types of business cards.

Business Card Template

Business Card Template


Professionals advise making business cards fascinating and interesting. There are many interesting ideas about how to issue a business card.

  • It should have an attractive design


The meaning of the business card design is to ensure that the receiving person does not throw it into the first urn, but keeps it, at least, because of the attractive design. Someday, something will probably make him contact you.


  • It should be short and clear


At the same time, people often overload the business card with data. It’s not necessary to share your personal address and home phone, skype and icq in your personal business card. Include enough and short information about you, so as not to mislead people.

Business Card Template

Business Card Template


Below are the websites where you can download a business card template. All of these websites are very professional in their field, so be sure that you’ll find very attractive designs. Most of the templates are introduced to you free of charge, all you need to do is download and edit, replace the information with your own. Here are they:

  • CANVA – canva.com
  • Freepik – freepik.com
  • Creative Market – creativemarket.com
  • Brother – brother.com
  • PsPrint – psprint.com
  • The Balance – thebalance.com
  • Designcrazed – dcrazed.com
  • Graphic River – graphicriver.com

In principle, you can carry with you several types of business cards for different occasions.

One – for flirting, another – for serious relationship, the third – for business partners, another – for corporate clients.

Have a variety of business cards, decorated and filled according to the occasion with the help of business card template and be sure that you will be remembered!