Where can you find a CV Template?

By | November 22, 2017


Сurriculum vitae, CV (in Latin – “the course of life”) – a brief description of life and professional skills.

CVs and resume mean different documents. The main difference is that the CV contains detailed information about the candidate and can be some pages of A4 format. Such a detailed description is useful for scientists or journalists, for example, if it is necessary to list all publications.


When employing in most companies, a detailed description of the candidate is not required. In this case, a resume is used – a short description that occupies no more than two A4 sheets. To the resume, you can add a cover letter, which should occupy only one page.

CV Template

CV Template


CV writing style must meet the following requirements:


  • Brevity – the absence of unnecessary words, incomprehensible abbreviations and terms;


  • Concreteness is the lack of information that does not have a direct bearing on the vacancy;


  • Purposefulness – the statement of the main information confirming the right to apply for this position;


  • Activity – the need to use active verbs that show activity. For example, if you have only initial knowledge of accounting, and they are necessary for this post, you need to write “I know the basics of accounting and auditing.” You should never write “participated”, “helped”, since it allows you to think that you stood apart and occasionally provided different services;
CV Template

CV Template

  • Accuracy and clarity of presentation of thought;


  • Selectivity – involves careful selection of information (do not try to fit everything in one resume.) Remember, the resume should fully correspond to the position you are applying for!);


  • Honesty (no unreliable information)




Undoubtedly, it is desirable to have in front of your eyes at least an approximate sample of the resume, even if you have repeatedly filled them. Anyway, you can forget or miss something. What is a pattern? Orthographic meaning of the word pattern:


Sample – indicative or trial product;

Sample – the method of the device, form, shape;

The sample is the one that needs to be followed, imitated.

By itself, a resume sample, even the best sample, does not give anyone a job. But it gives you an idea of ​​how you can write a resume. Therefore, after looking at a sample of a good resume, you can immediately get general information on how best to write a resume.

CV Template

CV Template

Below you can find the websites with CV samples:

  • Monster – monster.com
  • Visual CV – visualcv.com
  • StandOUT CV – standoutcv.com
  • OverLeaf – overleaf.com
  • Up to Work – uptowork.com
  • Interview Guys – interviewguys.com
CV Template

CV Template


After reviewing the samples, you do not want to start writing your CV from zero, that’S why it’s better to grab a CV template. They will save you a lot of time and effort, too.

Below are the websites that offer best CV templates for your usage free of charge:

  • The Muse – themuse.com
  • Resume Genius – resumegenius.com
  • Up to Work – uptowork.com
  • Resume World – resumworld.ca
  • CreativeBloq – creativebloq.com
  • The Guardian – theguardian.com
  • Theme Forest – themeforest.net

Review the samples, get a CV template and create a Professional resume from scratch!