Where can you find a Lesson Plan Template?

By | November 5, 2017


  • The lesson plan is a short description of the training session, indicating its subjects, objectives, progress and possible forms of pedagogical control. The lesson plan is prepared by the teacher in advance of the session and can be checked by representatives of the administration of the educational institution both immediately after the end or before the beginning of the lesson, and in advance.
Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template


The lesson plan consists of several parts:

  • Lesson theme,
  • Lesson objectives,
  • Instructions for teaching aids,
  • During the lesson,
  • Description of the homework.


A detailed plan will help to conduct a lesson as efficiently as possible, save time and allow you to achieve your goals faster. A clearly structured content of the lesson helps the teacher to keep the attention of students throughout the lesson.

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

The content of the lessons will be different, depending on the subject, on the type of the lesson. But the basic principles of drawing up a competent summary in all cases are the same.


The topic of the lesson

The theme of the lesson is always indicated in the teacher’s annual plan. But in some cases clarification is required.


 Lesson Objectives

Modern methodology does not require the separation of goals into teaching, educational and developing. But it is more convenient for young teachers to use the old, proven method and clearly delineate the objectives of the lesson in three ways:

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

  • Learning objectives. These can be goals such as:


  • give an idea of ​​…;


  • to generalize and systematize knowledge about …;


  • to acquaint students with (concept, rule, facts, law, etc.)


  • develop skills (for example, analysis of the lyrical text).


  • Educational:


– educate students in the sense of patriotism, humanity, diligence, respect for elders, aesthetic taste, ethical standards, discipline.


  • Developing. Here the goals are set, which will help students develop memory, imagination, thinking, cognitive skill, will, independence, communicativeness. If the group provides for group work, then you can indicate that the main development goal will be to teach to work in a team, express and defend your point of view, develop communication skills.
Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Planned tasks

Here, the minimum of knowledge and skills that students should acquire during the lesson is indicated. Planned tasks should be compared with the requirements for knowledge and skills of students, which are designated by the Ministry of Education for each class and for each subject.


Type and form of the lesson

You may and may not specify, but for yourself every time it is worth to clarify a lesson-explanation, a lesson-conversation.

For convenience, we give examples of the most common types and forms of the lesson.

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template


Here everything that the teacher will use during the lesson will be listed. These are multimedia presentations, reproductions of paintings, audio and video materials, visual and handouts.

And lastly you should include what you should do during the lesson.


If you want to make your lesson plan well formatted and looking good to the eye, we recommend you using a template. Templates are tools giving a huge hand of help with such tables. Using them you will not hav eto spend much time you would otherwise spend on getting the right format and structure and draw all of those schemes.

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Below are the websites offering a lesson plan template free of charge.

  1. TeacherPlanet – teacherplanet.com
  2. K12 Reader – k12reader.com
  3. Pinterest – pinterest.com
  4. Class – Templates – class-templates.com
  5. Microsoft Office – templates.office.com
  6. Teach Thought – teachthought.com
  7. TES – tes.com

Get your lesson plan template, now, and start filling it out to have a great lesson with your kiddos!