Where can you find a Letter Template?

By | November 4, 2017


The letter is a complex speech skill that allows people to communicate with the help of a system of graphic signs. This is a productive activity, in which a person writes down a speech for transmission to others. The product of this activity is a speech work or a text intended for reading.


Written speech is one of the ways of forming and formulating thoughts. Externally expressed, like oral, written speech is secondary.




I believe that any letter must necessarily begin with a greeting. “Hello”, “Good afternoon” – it is not difficult to write these words and takes seconds

Letter Template

Letter Template

Google the question you want to ask.

In most cases you can easily find answers to your questions in search engines or on forums (many people come there and start to communicate, discuss specific problems in different subjects and answer questions).

Why waste time with another person, when in many cases you yourself can easily find everything you need?

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time, but to find the solution of questions is much more interesting.

Write letters only in extreme cases, when you really can not find the answer to your question.

Letter Template

Letter Template

 Letters to just ask for an opinion


In many areas the same question has several different opinions even among reputable professionals, and all of them will be correct.


Formulate your question briefly and clearly


Sometimes, you open the letter, and there are several thousand characters of the text with a long and confusing description of the problems. It seems that people do not appreciate the time of others. If time is short, then I have no desire and opportunity to read long letters as part of the free help.


If the letter briefly and clearly formed the question, then the chances that the recipient will answer it, much more.

Letter Template

Letter Template

 The title of the letter should be meaningful

Do not write headers like “Help”. This header does not make any sense.


Imagine that in the mailbox the recipient will see dozens of similar headlines in letters, while others will have specific headers. Which ones will he answer faster?

How should a good letter format be?

A good format of the business letter should be as written below:

  • Paper size: A4.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica.
  • Font size: 12 pt. or14 pt.
  • Address & Phone Number: 10 pt.
  • Titles: 13 pt.
  • Body: 11 or 12 points (Company or company names are in dark color)
  • The length– about one page
Letter Template

Letter Template


In order to write your letter in an appropriate format, we would advice you using the templates. Remembering the strucutre of all types of letters is impossible, so the templates will help you with it.

Below are the websites offering a free letter template free of charge. Make use of them.

  1. Writing Help. – writinghelp-central.com
  2. com. – www.4hb.com
  3. www.letters.org
  4. com. – www.templatelab.com
  5. Write Express. – writeexpress.com
  6. www.overleaf.com
  7. net – www.template.net

Choose a letter template, and start writing your letter with ease!