Where can you find a Newspaper Template?

By | October 25, 2017

History of Newspaper

The history of the newspaper begins in Ancient Rome. Outwardly, of course, they were completely different from modern ones, but they performed the same function – information reporting.

The ancient newspapers were wooden plaques, which told of the events that had occurred.

The first news was of an informal nature, but later Julius Caesar said that the “newspapers” also narrate about events of a national scale. Messages were sent in the planks of the rulers, reports of the senate, official reports.

Only in the 16th century the newspapers became more like the ones we use nowadays. Then they began to be called the word “newspaper”, which originated from the small Italian coin “Cassette”.

Newspaper Templates

Newspaper Templates

Just so much was worth in Venice a leaflet with news written by hand. By the way, in the same city, the first centers for collecting information appeared, and, as a consequence, people involved in this. This is how the first news agencies and new profession – a journalist emerged.

A powerful impetus in the history of the creation of the newspaper occurred after the invention of printing technology. This led to a significant reduction in the price of printed materials compared to handwritten, as well as a quantitative increase in circulation. In 1657, newspapers began to be used for advertising purposes.

In the 18th century, the notion of “political journalism” was born largely due to the English writer and publicist Daniel Defoe.

Newspaper Templates

Newspaper Templates


Newspapers are divided into the following parts:

On the principle of territorial distribution and coverage of the audience – national, regional (republican, provincial, regional), local (city, district), intercorporate (addressed to the employees of a particular organization);

  • On subjects
  • Business,
  • General,
  • political,
  • branch,
  • advertising-information,
  • entertaining,
  • mixed;
  • On periodicity
  • Daily (morning or evening)
  • weekly;
  • By format
  • A4,
  • A3,
  • A2;

By style of design

  • colored,
  • black and white,
  • black and white with colored inserts.
Newspaper Templates

Newspaper Templates

The advantages of using a template for a newspaper

Benefits of using templates are the following:

  • The templates increase the efficiency of the work you need to get done.

This is due to the fact that templates offer you very good and appropriate ideas of formats, design and structure of newspapers and with that you increase the quality of your work


  • Applying many design patterns also allows you to create more different and creative newspapers.

The reason is that these designs have already been tested by people.


  • The templates also help to understand the structure of different newspaper types

Next time you can make your newspaper yourself without any needed help.

Newspaper Templates

Newspaper Templates

Where can you find a newspaper template?

You can find lots of numbers of a newspaper template online. Plenty of websites offer the templates for different types and categories of newspapers.

  1. Make my Newspaper – makemynespaper.com
  2. Educator Technology – educatorstechnology.com
  3. Net – www.template.net
  4. Presentation Magazine – presentationmagazine.com
  5. Lucid Press – lucidpress.com
  6. School Printing – schoolprinting.com
  7. Pinterest – pinterest.com
  8. Theme Forest – themeforest.com
  9. Tes – tes.com
  10. Graphic River – graphicriver.com

If you, too, have decided to have your own newspaper, then feel free to go ahead and use a newspaper template to make your new newspaper very professional!