Advices for Resume Writing

By | November 16, 2017

I dedicate a certain hour of my day to answer the mails that come to me.

One of every 10 messages you believe includes this question.

  • We are a nation who really likes to write, like the promise of a beautiful human being attributed to Saint Nesin, “Five of every three Turks are poets!” Many writers complain about this. Eline thinks the writer who writes himself is on the sites.
  • But I’m not the same opinion. Because I believe that writing is a need for people. Some try to write this by writing some poems, taking notes on some agenda, writing some poems. There is nothing wrong with this.
  • I am trying to help everyone who comes to me to write, to companionship to their own knowledge. On the sites I am related to, I make it available in the magazines. The rest is up to them. This is how we published the first letters of over 500 friends with an average estimate. I can not follow literature magazines very much because of living abroad now. I do not know if somebody keeps writing or not, but if someone even writes and shares the beauty of the world, what could be better than that.
  • Let’s come to our place immediately before we distribute it. Here are my friends’ suggestions, which are good to write in, feel good with pen, and ask, “How can I be a resume writer?”
Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Here are the things that those who want to be authors should:

You do not need to write to be a resume writing, right? No, she should read it first. Resume writing is like a glass. You will not empty it without filling it. The more you read, the more you are ready to write. Do not tell the author and try to read something.

A good resume writer is a good researcher at the same time. When resume writing a topic, it is not enough with the information in the memory. It always enriches the writing with different information. After a research done from all the sources that the local or foreign can find, the article written is also inedible.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing


The good writer’s eyes are open at the same time. Every living thing, every event, every feeling in the world can see the difference between seeing and seeing. It catches stories from people’s eyes. It records everything birds, flowers, stars say.

To write a book  should listen

             The greatest wealth of a resume writing is the stories of other people. Poems are written from those stories, novels are written, words are given. Especially the worlds of children and the elderly are magical. When you have the opportunity to listen to them, you should immediately switch to listening mode and record everything in the “on the record” look.