APA Cover Page

By | October 22, 2017

What is APA Cover Page?

APA is the short form of American Psychological Association. There are 3-4 formats that are most known in article writing. The most known of these is APA. This format is also used frequently in writing theses. Cover page which is in APA should include some important points. We can say another name for the cover page: title page.

APA Cover Page

APA Cover Page

What should APA Title Page include?

When you write in APA format, you must follow the format rules. APA Title Page should include the following items:

  • You should care the correct format of APA: The font must be Times New Roman, its size must be 12. Leave double spaces between the words. The margin must be : 1inch
  • Your APA Cover Page must include a running head!
  • Put the page number
  • Put the Title
  • Write your name at the cover page
  • Type your institutional affiliation
  • This isn’t a rule but there may be an author note. Write your class name, the date and the class instructor.
APA Cover Page

APA Cover Page

Points to Note in APA Title Page

There are four main parts in APA Title Page; title, the running head, the name of author and the institutional affiliation. –And if necessary the author note. The Running Head Part is very important for the APA Title Page and you must be careful about some details/points related to it:

The running head words must be written clearly in the APA Title Page! For example: The Running Head:  POLLUTION IN THE SEA. This rule isn’t valid for the other pages. Be careful for the margin of 1 inch. Your runner head must be on the center of the page. You should write your head words in 12 punt Time New Romans format. Don’t underline your running head and don’t use italic and bold as many people may do. Your APA Title Page- running head shouldn’t be more than 1-2 lines. You should also use double space between the word and this is valid for the rest of the pages. The institutional affiliation is the place where you conducted your research. Put the page number on the right side of the running head. The running head of the page must contain the main idea. Don’t write any unnecessary word in the head part. Don’t use abbreviations.

APA Cover Page

APA Cover Page

The APA Title Page Templates

Templates are very practical method of preparing and creating some pages quickly and efficiently. There some ready templates for the APA Title Page. You can find these templates as free of charge! They are very easy to use and you can prepare your title page in the most appropriate format in accordance with APA rules. Here are some good websites for you:

  1. hloom.com
  2. templates.office.com
  3. template.net
  4. bibme.org
  5. apatemplates.weebly.com

If you want; you can use these templates and prepare your APA Cover Page free!

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