What is APA Reference Page?

By | October 19, 2017

APA reference page

APA reference page refers to the References list at the end of the paper and in-text citation. General source materials—dictionaries, fact books, encyclopedias, indexes, guides, bibliographies, and so on—that can guide your preliminary research (most reference materials are now available in electronic form). Reference list is an alphabetically arranged list of sources used in a paper. It starts on a new page immediately after the last text page of the paper, continues the page numbering, and it is also double spaced. It is introduced by the word ‘’References’’ in the center of the line. If the reference list continues on a second page, it does not require to duplicate ‘’ References” word.

APA Reference Page

APA Reference Page

Variety of documenting in APA reference page

Reference page contain the list and information of any used sources in the paper. Therefore, writer must take a lot of attention to find out all the sources and write it down in the reference list. There are a majority of groups of sources from printed to online sources of information. Each kind of source and information in references must be documented. Therefore, you should to know the variety of documenting. They are:

  • Documenting authors
  • Documenting books
  • Documenting edited collections
  • Documenting journals
  • Documenting online journals
  • Documenting websites
  • Documenting company websites
  • Documenting online communities
  • Documenting online magazine/newspaper articles
APA Reference Page

APA Reference Page

Rules APA reference page

Reference list is located at the end of the paper. It contains the information on the location and retrieve any literature source in the text the writer used. APA reference page start from the new page, named ‘’References’’ at the top line in the center. The reference list text must be double-space as all your previous text.

Documentation has an order: Who? When? What? Where? These are the main questions you should include in a reference.

Because of the different information, references include, and different in sources, the entries exist in different forms. Nevertheless, all must form an established order:

  1. Author’s name or several names
  2. Date of publication of a book, newspaper, magazine or article
  3. Title of a book, newspaper, magazine or article from the front page
  4. Editor (organization or agency) of book, newspaper, magazine or article
  5. Used pages from the book, newspaper, magazine
APA Reference Page

APA Reference Page

Reference elements of an internet-based source providing any material such as book copies, articles, resources, statistics, overviews, full texts, information database and many other kinds of information:

  1. Author, host, editor or web master
  2. Official title of the site
  3. Electronic address (URL)


  1. Location (city, organization, educational organization, so on)
  2. Date of access to website
APA Reference Page

APA Reference Page

APA reference page example

APA reference page according to rules of formalizing in previous chapters might have a look like:



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