APA Referencing Style Guide

By | April 16, 2018

What is APA Reference Page?

APA reference page is the page that shows the references used in a project generally in the social sciences. This page includes the writing and the format rules to cite something that you want in the text.  We can say that this APA page is a guide for the users to prepare the reference page of the work. In this method, which is mostly used in the field of Social Sciences, we can see the surname of the author and the date of publication are cited at the end of the project or in the text. You can examine the writing rules in the source according to the APA method.

Apa Reference Page

Apa Reference Page

What are the APA Reference Writing Rules?

APA means in more clear words; American Psychological Association. If you use another author ideas, book etc. you should give the references to cite them at the end of the work or in the text. Many institutions accept the APA reference formats. The APA reference rules are updated from time to time; it is necessary to follow the changes. APA reference page must be prepared depend on the APA reference format; we will give some important details about this subject below:

  • If the same author has many sources, the sources must be written from the oldest one to the newest one depend on their date of publication
  • If there are DOI numbers of the magazines, they should be written. If there is no DOI number then write the URL
  • If the original dates of classical works (such as Marx, Freud) are unknown, you can write them as in the parenthesis (Original work is on 1848)
  • Even the publication is older; the author name which is the first one as in alphabetic order must be specified first. ( ıf the surnames are the same)
  • When referencing books and reports, first the place of the publication and then bookstore, name of publishing house, (“bookstore”, “publishing house” )is given
  • There are different writing formats according to the the number of the authors
Apa Reference Page

Apa Reference Page

These are some of the format and writing rules for the APA reference. Visit the link for a table:


The General APA Format in the Text

We explained the some important points for the reference page. There are also general writing rules. You may review the following items:

  • All the text is written with two lines spacing ( except end notes)
  • The paragraphs in the text are indented starting from the left
  • The first page is the cover page. On the cover, the full title of the article, the author’s name, the author’s institution is centered on the page and the bottom line is sorted by two line spacing
  • Books, magazines and movies , TV program names in the text are italicized
  • The use of numbers: Numerical expressions are given as words when beginning to sentences
Apa Reference Page

Apa Reference Page

 The APA Templates

There are some ready templates and generators to prepare documents in APA styles.  Many websites provide these tools free of charge and they are very practical. You may visit the following websites if you want to review the samples:

  • templates.office.com
  • apatemplatesweebly.com
  • templates.openoffice.org
  • sworps.tennessee.edu
  • citethisform.com

The APA reference page must be prepared depend on the 6th edition of APA.

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