Best Business Letter Format

By | December 4, 2017


A business letter is an integral part of business documentation, one of its subspecies.

This is a short document that performs several functions and deals with one or more interrelated issues.

A business letter, being a tool for creating an image and interaction with partners, is used to communicate with external structures, as well as within the organization, to transfer information between individuals and legal entities at a distance.

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats


Types of letters:

  • Instructive;
  • Accompanying;
  • Information;
  • Warranty;
  • Advertising;
  • Claiming;
  • Arbitration;
  • Confirmation letters;
  • Reminder letters;
  • Letters of notification;
  • Letters of request.
Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats

  • Letter of Service

Service letters are a generalized name for a large group of management documents that serve as a means of communicating with institutions and individuals, reporting anything.

In the header part of the letter the following things are written:

  • date;


  • number;


  • Headline to the text, set out in one sentence.


In letters, the constituent parts of the requisite “addressee” (recipient of the letter) should be correctly indicated:

  • firm;
  • structural subdivision;
  • position;
  • surname and initials;
  • Recipient’s mail address.
Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats

  • Cover letter

A cover letter is a frequently compiled document that informs the addressee of the sending of documents to him; if it is necessary to clarify or supplement something to the attached documents: specify the due date, explain the reason for the delay, clarify the difficult points, etc.


  • Letter- notification

The letter-notification on its style is close to letters-invitations and information letters. It is made for the specific recipient and most often is the answer to the request.


  • Letters of invitation

Letters of invitation invite the addressee to take part in any event held. They can be addressed to specific individuals and institutions.


  • Information letter

Information letter – informs the addressee about any fact or event. Most often, with the help of information letters, they promote the activities of organizations, manufactured products, and published literature.

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats

  • Confirmation letter

The confirmation letter contains a message about receipt of any dispatch that the previously made document remains in force. A letter can confirm a fact, an action, and a telephone conversation.


  • Advertising letter

The advertising letter is a kind of information letter sent to a specific addressee and contains a detailed description of the advertised services or goods. The goal is to encourage the addressee to use the services offered.


  • Guarantee letter

A guarantee letter is a document that ensures the fulfillment of the obligations set forth therein. In it, the addressee is usually guaranteed to pay or provide something.


  • Reminder letter

A reminder letter contains an indication of the approach or expiration of the date of any obligation or event.

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats


A business letter should always have a few standard parts. These are:

  • The date;
  • Information about the person that sends it and the information about the recipient;
  • A good greeting;
  • Body, that consists of a few paragraphs;
  • A closing to end;
  • Signature of the sender;


Let’s see how the business letter format and structure should be?

  • Either Write it out or abbreviate it with numbers. In instance, “February 1, 2017” or “01/02/2017”. The date have to be on the left side on the upper side of the address of recipient.


  • Name and address of a recipient.

You should write this information as in the example given below.

Mrs. John Black

The Director of the Company

Graphic Design

867 xxxx’s Road

Seattle, Washington xxxxx

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats


Make sure you choose your greeting depending on whether you are familiar with the person you are writing to; how well you know him or her, and the level of your relationship. You can use the options below to get an idea:

  • Dear Ashley. (Make sure you use this when you have an informal relationship with the person you are writing to)
  • To Whom It May Concern (This one is old, but can get you out of situation if you do not know the name of the recipient)
  • Dear Madam or Dear Sir. (Another way of salutation when you do not know the recipient’s name)
  • Dear Name/ Last name of the recipient.
  • BODY

It should contain a few paragraphs, clearly stating your objective to write.

The paragraphs will depend on the business letter type you will write.

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats


A business letter should have a formal closing showing the respect to the recipient.



The typed name of the sender, his/her phone number and email address:

John Black,

Director of AIC, Inc.


This information should be on the left side.

Best Business Letter Formats

Best Business Letter Formats


Today, there are plenty of options for making the effective and attention-grabbing business letters easy and without much effort and time required.

And one of the ways is to use templates. Templates guide you through the whole letter and decrease your chances of making a mistake to minimum.

Below, we introduce the websites that offer you free and printable templates and examples:

  • com. –
  • –
  • com. –
  • Write Express. –
  • –
  • net –
  • Ginger Software –
  • Pinterest –
  • Xerox –
  • Sample Words. –
  • Monster Crawler –
  • Information Vine –

These websites will help you to understand the business letter format better, so grab one and make it your own, now!