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Reason for Leaving Job

WHAT ARE THE REASONS FOR LEAVİNG JOB? When you go the interview when applying to the job, one of the questions that you will definitely be asked, will be about the reason for leaving job, where you were working previously. The answer should be thought of before going to the inteview. Usually, there are several… Read More »

Human Resourse Management Department

WHAT IS HR MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT? The organizational structure of the personnel management system is a set of interrelated units of this system and officials. The units perform various functions, their totality is the service of personnel management (personnel service). The role and place of service of personnel management in the structure of the entire organization… Read More »

Where can you find a Business Card Template?

WHAT İS A BUSİNESS CARD? Business cards came into use in ancient China and were intended to represent the identity of civil servants – their name and position. In the European society business cards have come into use not so long ago. Printed business cards were used in France to represent the identity of the… Read More »

Business Letter Templates

WHAT IS A BUSINESS LETTER? A business letter is an official document of business written communication. Drawing up the text of a business letter is a very important and responsible matter, because the message will be perceived for the fate of business, partnerships, investments, etc. A business letter is capable of both establishing a positive… Read More »

What Career is Right for me?

WHAT QUESTİONS SHOULD YOU ASK YOURSELF WHEN CHOOSING A CAREER? The choice of profession is a philosophical question. First of all, it is necessary to determine what place in life you assign professional activity at the moment and how this situation can change with the years. In modern conditions there is not only a huge… Read More »

Main Parts of Production

Economic System The economic system is a complex multifaceted phenomenon (“system” means a connection consisting of parts). The economic system is a part of society and has its own structure, the most important component of which is the production of material goods that meets the needs of society. In the structure of the economic system,… Read More »

What is Business Card?

What is a business card size? A business card is a card with your personal data and other information about you including your contact information and position in a company you work at. The business card is an extremely popular tool and can be made from paper, wood, and even form plastic and metals .… Read More »

What are the Best Business Letter Format?

What are business letters used for? Business letter is a special type of letters that is written for official purpose. Business letters can be written to directors of the companies, managers, clients and even to the customers. There are lots of different types of business letters used nowadays. All of them serve as a formal… Read More »

What is the Standard Business Card Size?

Why people need to it and be careful about business card size a lot? So, why having a proper and creative business card is so important today? There are 2 answers for this question: Firms use these cards as a tag! Most of firms see this cards as a tag. So it is so essential… Read More »

Business Letter Template Congratulations New Position

What is business letter template? A business letter is written to provide communications between the companies, organizations, people etc…Business letter generally should be formal and appropriate with the business correspondence rules. There are important points to note when preparing a business letter. People found its easy way and now by this method, the business letters… Read More »