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Writing a Business Letter in Right Format

What is the essence of the correct writing? What is a business letter format? Business communication and correspondence is still one of the most important components of any business. The correctly chosen business letter format helps to clearly identify the task or question, and therefore quickly find a solution. Saving time in the business world… Read More »

The Letter of Resignation Template

What is a letter of resignation template? A resignation letter is written to inform the employer about the resignation and the exit day. This letter is very important to keep the good communication with your old employer and company. You should show your good faith and respect! There are many types of resignation letters so… Read More »

What is an alphabet?

Alphabets are a standard set of letters or symbols in a fixed order that are used to write one or more languages based on a general principle that the letter represents phenomes of the spoken language. The word alphabet has been derived from the Late Latin word alphabetum, from Greek Alpha and the first two… Read More »

Resigning Letter Example

Things you must know about the resignation letters Before you start writing a resignation letter, you must think carefully. It is essential to retain the good feelings towards your former employer. It is a resignation letter, which means you are writing it to notify the employer that you are leaving the company. But you have… Read More »

What is a Chinese alphabet after all?

As is the case with the greater number of alphabet systems, Chinese alphabet utilizes symbols and characters on phonetic systems. All letters of the alphabet are characterized by a precise sound. The combination of such letters is going to lead to the making of a definite meaning. The existing writing system that exists in China… Read More »

How can you draw bubble letters?

Bubble letters can be fun and expressive. They can be drawn to represent your own funky style. This is also a great way to learn typography and enhancing the look of posters, brochures and all kinds of artwork. You can try out between thick and thin bubble letters. Draw a letter with a single line… Read More »

Learning Arabic alphabet

The Arabic alphabet is the Arabic script as it is codified for writing the Arabic language. Arabic alphabets are written from right to left in a cursive style. The Arabic alphabets include 28 letters. Adaptations of Arabic scripts for other languages include Kurdish, Persian, Ottoman, Urdu, Sindh, Pashto and Malayalam. There are no distinct upper… Read More »