How to Create a Gantt Chart?

By | October 19, 2017

What is a Gantt Chart?

A gantt chart can be expressed briefly as a business plan chart. In this business plan chart, which jobs are to be performed and dependent or independent jobs are defined. This chart is a useful application project management process. The project manager follows the project and evaluates the critical path via the advantages of these charts. Project Manager can follow the chart and check the staff and the works so he/she can find the right people for the appropriate work. Also the necessary changes can be done easier. Job titles, durations and dependencies are determined on the chart.

How to Create a Gantt Chart

How to Create a Gantt Chart

How to use a Gantt Graph?

If you are in trouble because of the organizing and following the problems in your projects or if you think that all works are getting more and more complicated; you may prefer to use a Gantt graph. A Gantt chart will help you for this problem. This plan is generally used for the more complex projects. Team projects require more attention and struggle; you should plan them well. If you want to reach your goals, making an appropriate and effective plan will be very useful for you. Now, there are some steps and you can review the following items:

  • First, decide and define the all tasks that will be in your project.
  • Write the tasks and the lengths-so you can see how they are important as priority
  • You should define the tasks relationships; for example: if you want to start B, first you should complete A. If the activities are dependent, they are sequential. If they are independent, they are parallel.
  • You should input the activities into the template.
  • Follow the progress of your chart and don’t forget to update the changes.
How to Create a Gantt Chart

How to Create a Gantt Chart

Why a Gantt Graph is important?

A Gantt Graph gives you an idea about the key points for your project. When the project will be completed? Which resources you can use and need? You can define and plan the order of the works that will places in your project. If there are, the dependencies will be clearer between the tasks. This helps to manage these tasks easier. You can monitor the progress of the project. You will see the certain dates for the tasks and can easily decide what should have been done. You will have an opportunity to take an appropriate action on right time if there will be a problem in the project process.

How to Create a Gantt Chart

How to Create a Gantt Chart


The Gantt Graph Templates

Gantt Graphs can be created in Excel Program but if you want, you can find a ready template with writing the key words on a search engine. Many websites provide these services free of charge and this is a very practical method to use a Gantt Graph. Here are the some good websites:


You can review the Gantt chart samples on the websites, choose the best template for you then download or edit it as you like!