How to Write a Job Resume?

By | November 1, 2017

What is a Resume?

Resume is the first thing you need to have when looking for work.

When you hire a job, compulsory provision of a resume is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time it is one of the most effective means of advertising on the labor market.

In the search for work, a resume is a description of a person’s abilities that make him competitive in the labor market. It should reflect the three basic qualities required of an employee: education, productivity and abilities.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

Some people confuse resume with a CV.

The resume style is more often aimed at obtaining a specific job, while the CV contains more detailed and structured information about a person’s career path.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

Types of resume

There is a chronological, functional and combined types.

Chronological summary can be called the simplest. You can write it without much difficulty. It is enough to indicate in it in chronological order all professional events in your life.

A functional resume is not as structured as a chronological one. You need to describe in it not just how much work, but how many skills you have. If your work path was multifaceted, and the work positions were different, then you can not specify them all, but highlight the main ones.

The combined summary includes both chronological and functional appearance. It allows you to describe the order of places of work and tell about the skills of a person. Such a summary can be interesting, but voluminous. A potential employer will find it difficult to get acquainted with it. You need to choose the most suitable resume to describe your work experience.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

How to write a job resume?

All of the summary of resume can be divided into 5 parts. These are:

-Personal data.

-The purpose of the search.

-Acquired education.

-Work experience.

-Additional information.

To make it clearer, let’s learn the resume tips by looking at each of its parts.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

  1. 1. Personal information

The purpose of this paragraph is to not only leave your candidacy in memory, but also pointing out exactly your contacts, to determine the way for instant communication. What you should include are the following:

-Surname, name, patronymic (in full);

-Address of the place of residence.

-Phone number.

-E-mail address, which is active at any time.

-The date of birth.

-Marital status

  1. Purpose of the search
  2. Education

In this part, the data confirming your level of education is indicated. Moreover, initially the basic, including years of training, qualification or specialty and the educational institution in which it was received are painted. And then they make reference to additional courses, trainings and seminars.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

  1. 4. Work experience

This part tells about your work experience. Moreover, it is necessary to write it in chronological order, starting from the recent place of work.

Of course, it is advisable that there won’t be any gaps between the dates. But, even if this happened, you do not need to wind yourself up and consider that this gives less chance of getting a job.

Note that when you write about your work experience, you have to add the name of the company, field of its activity, your position and duties there.

  1. Additional information

This is the final part, and it seems to be not the main one, but it is an important part that you should not forget about. Here you can specify a lot of interesting information that will allow the manager to make a choice in your favor.

What you can list here is your computer skills, level of proficiency in foreign languages and others.

How to Write a Job Resume

How to Write a Job Resume

Job Resume Templates

If you do not have much of experience writing resumes for jobs or if you do not have time for it, you can use the templates. They will guide you through the whole resume and will help you to write them in an appropriate format. You can find lots of free templates for your resume online. Resume Genius –, Canva –, –, Hloom –, Pinterest – are just a few of them.

Why not to write your own job resume using one of the templates from websites?