Marketing Resume

By | October 31, 2017


A marketer is a specialist who studies the market, analyzes supply and demand for goods, and studies sales markets and consumer preferences. Often, the duties of a marketer reduce to work with advertising. However, advertising, in fact, is part of marketing. If the marketer has conducted the correct advertising campaign, having previously studied the demand and needs of potential buyers, this will lead to sales growth.

There are a number of specialization areas for marketing: marketing analyst, brand manager – marketing specialist for a certain product or service, copywriter – composing advertising texts, slogans, and etc.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

Qualities of a good marketer?

Knowledge of theoretical or practical marketing techniques.

Knowledge of the theory and methodology of marketing and sales organization.

Knowledge of the basics of system analysis, business planning, project management.

Possession of methods for assessing the market (capacity, growth, segmentation and market forecast).

A confident PC usage

Knowledge of graphic packages.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

Basic knowledge of HTML.

Ability to work with social networks, blogs, forums, online communities.


Pleasant, neat, elegant appearance.


Initiative, ability to work independently and in a team.

Honesty, decency.

Stress resistance.

Activity and high performance.

Accuracy and punctuality.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

Good knowledge of foreign language.

Easy learning

Analytical mind.

Grammatically correct speech. Knowledge of the basics of the culture of speech.

A great desire to work. Skill to work in team.

Love of profession.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume


Despite the variety of templates and forms, the content is always the same and should contain 4 main blocks. Let’s see what a good marketing resume should include:

Information about the applicant – Surname, first name and patronymic in large letters, so that they can immediately see the name. Age, as well as the date of birth, contact information should be included.

Education. Full name of the institute, faculty, specialty.

Separately, you can write Additional Education – these are the various courses, additional knowledge that you have received.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

Work experience (previous jobs) – are written in reverse chronological order, i.e. Specify the periods of work, the full name of the organization, the position held, job responsibilities, as well as your successes there.

You can indicate the reasons for leaving work, although not necessarily. But be sure that the question of the reasons for leaving will be one of the first.

Additional information – in this section you can finish write some of your personal achievements, positive qualities, characteristics.

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume

Marketing Resume Templates

Templates are always a great hand of help for people writing business letters, especially resumes. They are guiding the writer of the letter through the whole resume and give minimum chances for making mistakes. Below we found you the best websites offering marketing resume templates, as well as the others.

  1. Office Templates –
  2. The Balance –
  3. Pinterest
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  7. Up to Work –
  8. Canva –
  9. ShareLatex –
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All of the resumes are free in these websites.

If you are a marketer and look for a job, why not to grab one of these resume templates and write your own marketing resume to increase your chances of getting the jobs?!