Simple Resume Template

By | November 26, 2017


What is a resume?

  • A quick overview of your previous work experience, knowledge, skills and accomplishments that can fit exactly the company you are contacting.

The main purpose of the resume is to stand out against all of other applicants, to attract the attention of the employer and, ultimately, to invite you to an interview. And this is very difficult to do.

Imagine for a moment the fact that the mail box of your potential employer falls asleep in tens or even hundreds (depending on the size of the company) summary per day. And to view your resume, he will spend a maximum of 30 seconds – and during this little time your future destiny will be decided.

Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template


There are some type of resumes. Let’s see what they are:

  • Chronological resume

This is the most common and simple type of resume. Chronological resume is a universal tool that will suit any employee for any position. The structure of it, for sure, is familiar to almost everyone. The main part of it is experience – in the reverse chronological order the place of work with the name of the company, position, duties and achievements is indicated.

Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template

  • Functional resume

In this resume, the focus is on the merits of the applicant, meaning the skills and professional success. Exact dates and posts are usually not specified. Thanks to the functional resume, you can hide the lack of experience, highlighting your strengths.


  • Hybrid resume

This type of resume combines the strengths of chronological and functional. You can list all your experience by adding to each item a description of your achievements, describe the skills in more details.


  • Targeted resume

This resume is written for a specific position in a particular company. A targeted resume is similar to a hybrid one, but it should only indicate the experience, skills and achievements that are important for a particular position. Considering this resume to the employer it will be much easier to understand that the applicant meets their requirements and will be able to carry out the work assigned to him.

Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template


Do not forget that a good supplement to the resume is a cover letter. In any case, when sending a resume you should write a short cover letter to a specific employer or company, summarizing your experience specifying the vacancy for which you apply, in it.

  • This is worth doing, because the recruiter will always appreciate that you were not too lazy and turned to him personally, were able to formulate your key skills and know exactly what you would like to do, and not just made a mass mailing of the resume to all the companies of the city, unsuccessfully hoping to find a job.
Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template


For writing good, acceptable and strong resumes in an appropriate structure and format, you should use the their templates. Templates will guide you through the whole writing process and won’t let you make mistakes in their format and structure.

Here is the list of websites that offer simple resume template free of charge:

  • Office Templates –
  • Pinterest –
  • Hloom –
  • Resume Genius –
  • Resume Companion –
  • Up to Work –
  • Canva –
  • ShareLatex –

Get your simple resume template, now, and start writing your simple, but strong resume!