Triangular Trade System

By | April 25, 2018

What is a Triangular Trade?

A triangular trade is the slave trade system which lasted until 19.yy. This is seen as one of the most important historical events in the world and is based on the purchase and sale of people as goods. Slavery had been going on since ancient times. The slaves were obliged to do all kinds of work which ordered, since they seemed like any movable goods and they were given no rights and freedoms. It started in the 15th century and the Africans were captured and sold by Europe. It is said that this system was initiated mainly by the Portuguese in the 15th century. The reason why the system is called “Triangular” is it consisted of three stages.

Triangular Trade

Triangular Trade

Why is it called as Triangular Trade?

There are 3 stages in the Triangular Trade System so it is called as “Triangular.” Also it is known as transatlantic slave trade. Speaking of these 3 stages in the slave system, we can say that;

  1. The stage of the Africa
  2. The Stage of the Middle Period (passing period)
  3. The stage of the America

African slaves were kept under severe conditions for months. In the Africa Stage, these slaves were put into the ships and sold to Europe in exchange for high amounts of money. There were also slaves who passed away for the reason of had being kept in difficult conditions during this period. In the middle period; people became slaves; they were under the very bad and difficult conditions. They had to fight against many psychological and physical problems when they were on the ships. At the America Period, the slaves were used for the labor needs of the region. They were also sold for the plantation goods. (Such as sugar, cotton etc.)

Triangular Trade

Triangular Trade

What are the Reasons of the Slavery System?

The main reasons of the slavery system as listed below:

  • There was no slavery in ancient times when people could only produce enough to sustain their own lives. Over time, the tools they use in production have begun to produce more than they can consume. Instead of killing the prisoners of war, they started to work for themselves and confiscated many products they had produced.
  • Throughout history, people had been slaved in various ways according to their period and society. Being captured in battle, being punished for a crime, not paying debt or coming to the world from a slave parent, in various forms of slavery.
  • Lack of work force
Triangular Trade

Triangular Trade

How did the Triangular Trade end?

The ships carrying slaves were called “Tumberio”, or “dead carriers”. Slaves had been transported to the Atlantic under 35 to 40 days under extremely heavy conditions. Male slaves were stacked of each other. There was a separate section for pregnant and child slaves. The death rate is very high due to airborne drowning and epidemic diseases.

The moral, economic and political expedition began in time against the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Atlantic Slave Trade first officially forbidden in the Hawaiian Revolution (1791-1804). Denmark is the second country that legally forbids Triangular trade; which had a very active role in this system. (1792).