What are the Best Business Letter Format?

By | October 29, 2017

What are business letters used for?

Business letter is a special type of letters that is written for official purpose.

Business letters can be written to directors of the companies, managers, clients and even to the customers.

There are lots of different types of business letters used nowadays. All of them serve as a formal type of communication.

Business letters must have:

  • a neat and clear statement of its purpose,
  • be convincing
  • end with a specific objective, like a meeting date
Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format

How should a good business letter format be?

A good format of the business letter should be as written below:

  • Paper size: A4.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica.
  • Font size: 12 pt. or14 pt.
  • Address & Phone Number: 10 pt.
  • Titles: 13 pt.
  • Body: 11 or 12 points (Company or company names are in dark color)
  • The length– about one page
Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format

How should a structure of a business letters be?

Business letters are of different types, so each of them have different style. But, there’s a general structure that all business letter writers should follow. Here’s how a general structure of a business letter be:

  • Appeal

It is the “cap” of the letter and contains the post and the name of the addressee.

For official business correspondence, the standard salute is “Dear”, which is written with a capital letter and in the center of the sheet. And then the mass of options, depending on what and whom you write.

Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format

  • If you know the receiver in person, you can go like this: “Dear Nai Richard”, if you do not know – “Dear Mrs. Richard”.
  • If you do not write to royalty, representatives of religious faiths, presidents and members of parliaments of different countries, consider that you are lucky.

For them, there are official inversion formulas, and for each of them there are different ones.

Before sending such a letter, carefully check that the selected message matches the status of the addressee.


  • Preamble

It is considered the first paragraph of the letter, which sets out its purpose, the reason that prompted you to write it.

After reading the preamble, the addressee should understand the essence of the letter.

Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format

  • The Main text

Further, in 2 to 4 paragraphs, the situation should be stated, your personal thoughts and feelings expressed in this regard, and a request for specific actions or a suggested solution of your question proposed.


  • Conclusion

It is necessary to summarize the results of the entire written and logical completion of the letter.


  • Signature

The letter ends with the signature (position + name) of the addressee, which is preceded by the standard polite form “Yours faithfully”.

Also the options are possible: ‘Yours sincerely ‘, ‘With the hope for productive cooperation’, and etc.

When signing a letter it is important to consider the addressee and addressee’s rank. A letter addressed to the CEO should also be signed by the CEO or at least his deputy.

Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format


Yours faithfully,

General Director of the xxxx company,

Jessica Brown.

Templates for business letters

Fortunately, nowadays, there are a lot of options for making the effective and attention-grabbing business letters easy and without much effort and time required.

And one of the ways is to use templates. Templates guide you through the whole letter and decrease your chances of making a mistake to minimum.

Best Businesss Letter Format

Best Businesss Letter Format

Below, we introduce the websites, that offer you free and printable templates and examples:

  1. Office Templates – templates.office.com .
  2. The Balance – thebalance.com
  3. DocTemplates – doctemplates.net
  4. TemplateLab – templatelab.com
  5. Pinterest – pinterest.com
  6. Net – www.template.net
  7. Write Express – writeexpress.com
  8. Overleaf – overleaf.com
  9. Ginger Software – gingersoftware.com
  10. English Club – englishclub.com
  11. 4hb – 4hb.com
  12. Latex Templates – latextemplates.com

You can use these and other templates and samples to guide you in writing your effective business letter!