What is a Business Plan Template?

By | November 25, 2017


  • The business plan is a document that provides a detailed justification for the project and an opportunity to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of decisions taken, planned activities, and answer the question of whether to invest in this project.


Having chosen your own business, it is necessary to decide how you will organize it, and therefore you need to plan the near future. Everyone needs a business plan:


  • Your employees who want to understand their tasks and prospects.
  • And you yourself – to test the wisdom and realism of your ideas.
Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

A business plan is a document that:

  • Describes all the main aspects of the future enterprise or project.
  • Analyzes all the problems that it may encounter.
  • Defines ways to solve identified problems.


Any project consists of several items that a person writes in an arbitrary form. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to compile, starting with the project resume and ending with organizational issues.

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

Business plan begins with the title page. It includes:

  • The name of the business plan;
  • The name of the project developer;
  • Date and place of compilation.





This section briefly outlines the content of the future project, the main idea and conclusions. This is approximately 6-7 small sentences. A person, having read the resume, should understand what will be discussed further and what this venture will lead to.

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


Divide the section into two sub-parts: Industry and company.

These include:


  • Directions of the industry, its prospects;
  • Directions of the company, its development;
  • General information about the company: its policy, advantages, innovations;
  • The structure of the company.
  • Provided services and manufactured products
Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


Description of the competitive environment, the place of the product on the market, its advantages and disadvantages, the availability to customers, the target audience, etc.


The purpose of this part is to convince investors of the relevance of the product / service.


The preliminary structure of the production plan:


  • Basic facts about the enterprise or production: location, premises, resources, technologies;
  • Purchase of equipment and other equipment of the enterprise;
  • Number of personnel, their qualifications, salary costs;
  • Planned volumes of output, costs for raw materials and production;
  • Calculation of the cost of goods.
  • Separately select the item on the quality control of goods or services. How will the audit be carried out? By what criteria?
Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


The first thing that should be in this part is the indication of the organizational and legal form of your business.

The following items:

  • Company structure;
  • If there are partners, information about them;
  • Management personnel, business units;
  • System of personnel development, training, creation of personnel reserve (if such availability is planned).


This is the main stage in writing a business plan. The estimated costs and incomes, unforeseen expenses and receipts, financial movements, forms of receiving money and settlements are considered. This information is mandatory.

It is important to specify the taxation system, the bank with which it is better to cooperate, the types of contracts that you plan to conclude with future partners, to consider the moments of contracting. More complete information on the structure and content of the financial plan can be found here.

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


This part includes visual aids. Their advantages include an easier-to-understand graphic feed, unloading the text part of the business plan, providing materials that cannot be submitted as text (certificates, licenses, product photos).


The application should also have charts, tables, diagrams, possibly a contract.


In the article business plan and planning you will also find important information for the organization of your company.

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template


Business plan is an official document, so you have to make sure that everything about it is correct. Other than that, making business plans take pretty much time, so you do not want to spend additional time on structure and format. To help you with this problems, templates are always ready. Just Google on the web, and install the one you choose.

Below are the websites offering free business plan template for your usage:

  • BPlans – bplans.com
  • com – www.ınc.com
  • org – www.score.org
  • Business – business.com
  • LivePlan – liveplan.com

Get a business plan template and start writing your business letter, finish it up confidently with less time!