What is a Follow up Email?

By | October 15, 2017

What is a follow up email?

Sending a follow up email to a potential employer after the interview is not only an excellent chance to remind of yourself and make a more favorable impression, but also the opportunity to smooth mistakes made in a personal meeting.

At the same time, the continuation of communication with the interviewer, even after the interview, is of great value. So, with the help of the follow up email you will show your employer your interest, supplement personal information that was not available during the interview and will be able to tell why the company needs to choose you.

A follow up email is an expression of gratitude to the employees of the company who interviewed you. It is necessary to write such a letter within 24-48 hours after the end of the interview to the HR manager of the company who organized your meeting with the interviewers.

Follow up Email

Follow up Email

Why do you need a follow up email?

Then, that your process of finding work continues. Interviewing is only one of the stages. Experienced recruiters say that the search for an employee almost never takes place in one day. The decision is made on the basis of a number of criteria, including after the follow up email.

Writing a follow up email to interviewers after completing the interview will bring you several important advantages over your competitors:

  • You remind about yourself again
  • You will look like a polite and grateful person in the eyes of the company’s employees with whom you communicated in an interview.
  • You can focus on the benefits of cooperation with you and show your interest
  • You will remain in the memory of the interviewers for a long time
Follow up Email

Follow up Email

Form and content of the follow up email

The first task that you need to solve is to make your follow up email want to open, rather than throw it into the trash or spam folder. That’s what you need to pay special attention to:

  1. Sender’s address

Send letters from an e-mail address suitable for a serious contender for a place in a large firm, various sunshine284@gmail.com (fallenAngel 111@yandex.com) are not allowed.

  1. Email subject

The topic should be clear from whom and what the letter is about. As far as possible, write shortly. A long text entirely in the subject is not always displayed

  1. text of the email

Try to write succinctly and in the case. Creative speech turns are possible, but you should not abuse it.

Follow up Email

Follow up Email

What to write in the follow up email?

Remind who you are and on what issue you write. Thanking for the interview. To fulfill your obligations (for example, at the interview you were promised to send materials confirming your competence and experience.)

In the follow up email write, what is the value of the employer from cooperation with you. In conclusion, let them know that you are interested in cooperation.