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Where can you find a Graph Paper?

What is a Graph Paper? A graph paper is a special paper which is prepared with the small squares for the graphs/diagrams. It is practical. Mathematical functions, maps, graphs, some measures can be made on this paper. They are preferred in the metric systems. There are some popular types of this paper such as grid… Read More »

What is Graph Paper?

What is the graph paper? The logo or emblem of the company is paper with the address and contact information printed on it, usually A4 (21cmx29.7). It is not in company external correspondence, So you can use it to help you figure out a much more formal and serious image.   Letterhead is at thehead of the company’s everyday needs. When you write a personal correspondence, choose letterhead instead of ordinary paper. It is helpful to reflect your institutionalism in the best way. Let us not forget institutionalism first for us … How should Letterhead Design be? Thelogo or emblem of the firm should be located in the upper right hand side of the left hand side and should have the information and contact information on the bottom side but this design is not limited to this but it can be specially designed as desired within the frame of the printing rules. What should I look for before printing letterhead?   Graphics: Graphics arethe art of placing letters, words, totals, photographs, forms, colors on the graph  paper with pleasure and proportions and creating innovation and charm in this layout. He has gone through the language of “Grapnein” in ancient Greek. Design: It is a creative action that takes a specific purpose based on planning. Graphic Design: It is defined as… Read More »

How to make a Bar Graph?

What is a bar graph? A bar graph is a way of presenting statistical data in a graphical form – in the form of a bar chart. As in all of the graphs, the values represented in x-axes, are independent values, those that we see in y-axis are dependent ones. The height of each column… Read More »

How to Make a Line Graph?

What is a Line Graph? Line graphs are types of graphs that show how some value changes over time. A linear graph, like any other, has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a linear graph: a light visual perception of the graph; it is easy to find the figures of technical analysis (patterns); simple to make… Read More »

What is a Bar Graph?

The Function of a Bar Graph The bar graph is most useful when comparing the performance of multiple items in performance reports. This graph shows how an item performs according to other one. The graph is versatile and has horizontal bars which are proportional to amounts and also hold lengths. It is a great tool… Read More »