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What is Thank You Email After Interview?

WHY WRITE A THANK YOU EMAIL? Most job seekers find it difficult to work not because they are incompetent in the profession, but because they make mistakes in the process of searching. One of them is inaction. In our business culture, the fulfillment of promises is not always mandatory, unfortunately. The promise to call back… Read More »

Good Weaknesses for Interview

What is the good weaknesses for interview in detail? What is it and why it is too difficult to answer it easily? This is mainly because many firms decide whether they accept you for compatible department or not. Why? There are two basic ideas about it; Firms can realize your weak ways and they can… Read More »

Follow up emails after interview

We are talking about following up after you’ve applied for a job. So in the first case, when you’ve just applied, online probably, through a job ad or a job agent that you’ve been using, you’re going to need to find somebody who can talk to you about that company. Work your network and learn… Read More »

Phone interview thank you email

In the past I spent a lot of time talking about what to do during an interview but I haven’t really spent a lot of time talking about what to do before an interview or after an interview. Today I want to talk to you about what you should do after every interview. There’s one… Read More »