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Professional Resume Writers

Who are the Professional Resume Writers? Professional resume writers are people who give a resume writing service in a professional way. They prepare the resumes of the candidates who want to get a job. They work as a team and are experts in resume writing field. Generally this team has been working for the years… Read More »

Best Resume Format Examples

WHAT IS A RESUME? A resume is one of the most important documents to have when applying to any job. It will probably be written in job application requirements, but even if it is not, its essence is very important in terms of making a good first impression. Resume is a document giving short information… Read More »

Creative Resume Templates Word

WHAT IS A RESUME? It is a quick overview of your previous work experience, education, skills and achievements that are related to the company you are applying for. The main reason why people want and write the resume is to highlight the candidate between all of other applicants, to attract the attention of the employer… Read More »

Simple Resume Template

HAVE YOU HEARD OF RESUME? What is a resume? A quick overview of your previous work experience, knowledge, skills and accomplishments that can fit exactly the company you are contacting. The main purpose of the resume is to stand out against all of other applicants, to attract the attention of the employer and, ultimately, to… Read More »

Advices for Resume Writing

I dedicate a certain hour of my day to answer the mails that come to me. One of every 10 messages you believe includes this question. We are a nation who really likes to write, like the promise of a beautiful human being attributed to Saint Nesin, “Five of every three Turks are poets!” Many… Read More »

Resume Writing Techniques

Your occupational goal will determine what knowledge and skills you will emphasize when writing your resume. What qualifications do you want to enter? To write a CV, you need to thoroughly examine the level and level of knowledge and skills required for the job you want to enter. Only then can you compare your requirements… Read More »

What is a Job Resume?

Job resume include Curriculum vitae Today, it is possible to create a resume that draws attention to the CV templates, related articles and HR professionals on the internet. What does it mean, a brief resume that is easier to create and works better in certain sectors? How can a good short biography be prepared? When… Read More »

Create a Resume

What is a Resume? Resume is a document written by the applicants who want to apply for the specific job. It is also an opportunity to talk about their achievements and uniqueness that can be realized and even become the basis for employment in the claimed position, with a view to obtaining for them any… Read More »

How to Write a Job Resume?

What is a Resume? Resume is the first thing you need to have when looking for work. When you hire a job, compulsory provision of a resume is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time it is one of the most effective means of advertising on the… Read More »

Marketing Resume

WHO İS A MARKETER? A marketer is a specialist who studies the market, analyzes supply and demand for goods, and studies sales markets and consumer preferences. Often, the duties of a marketer reduce to work with advertising. However, advertising, in fact, is part of marketing. If the marketer has conducted the correct advertising campaign, having… Read More »