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What is Product Lifecycle?

In the early nineties, PLM was widely accepted as the definition of product lifecycle management, as it integrates finance, human resources, production and inventory management, as well as product data management, computer-aided manufacturing and engineering and mechanical computer- Functional design and manufacturing technologies that integrate them. But in the 20 years that we have passed,… Read More »

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Examples for Metallic Bonds

The formation and properties of a metallic bond. In order for a bond to form, atoms must be more stable (with less energy) than they once were. To summarize, when the bonds are formed, they give energy to the outside. When atoms bond, they try to match their electron arrangement to noble gases. The number… Read More »

What is the Flow Cytometry?

What is the flow cytometry? The particles are passed through a section illuminated by a laser light; of cells. The signals they pass through the front of the light are collected and analyzed. Formed . The source of the signals, the size of the cell, the granularity, etc. May also be the various fluorochromes linked… Read More »

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What is an Associate Kiosks?

Kiosk systems are electronic terminals for touch screen information and service. Self-Service users have been able to access some information and perform operations on the touch screen. They save time and speed to make things easier for the people and to get the workload in the institution. The associate kiosks, which are technically designed as… Read More »

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Frequently Asked Questions About Associate Kiosk

An associate kiosk is a system consisting of a PC and a touch screen. The user does not use the keyboard and mouse, and the computer is stored in a box because of the damage and aesthetic reasons that the computer can see. What is an associate kiosk? It is also possible to use kiosks… Read More »

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What is Data Warehouse?

That is data warehouse what,how? In other words, the data warehouse is a relational database designed to be used for querying and analysis rather than database movement. In general, date information obtained from motion data may contain information from other sources as well. Loads that are borrowed from database transactions break apart from the load… Read More »

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English Irregular Verbs List

WHY TO LEARN ENGLISH? English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. That’s why today’s circumstances make us learn this language. If you are still in doubt about learning English, then below are lots of reasons why you should learn English. After reading these points, you can finally decide whether you need… Read More »

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Where can you find a Periodic Table?

WHAT İS A PERİODİC TABLE? Well, welcome to the world of chemistry! The periodic table is a chemistry’s alphabet. It is a table where you can find all of the elements. But what is it that makes this table so special?! It all started with the time that great Russian scientist, Mendeleyev decided to put… Read More »

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Sombrero Galaxy

What is Sombrero Galaxy? Sombrero Galaxy is a spiral galaxy in the direction of Virgo constellation. It is discovered by Pierre Mechain in 1781 and due to the similarity of the appearance is also called by Mexican Hat. This Galaxy is also known by other names which are Messier 104, M104 and NGC 4594. Sombrero… Read More »

Describe Yourself

Can you describe yourself? It is one of the most asked questions of interviews. Even though you already introduced yourself in your resume or CV, the employer still wants you to answer this question. And you won’t want to think about the answer when you are in interview. It is better to think about it… Read More »

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