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By | October 31, 2017

Can dogs eat strawberries?

There are a lot of foods and fruits that we like. And if we have a little doggie with us at home, we want to share what we eat with them. But, of course, it’s not a good decision, since just because we like something does not mean that our dog will like it, too. And it doesn’t end with that. Most of the food and fruits we eat are deadly toxic for our pets. So, before giving that piece of fresh strawberry to your little friend, ask a question – ‘Can dogs eat strawberries?                                         

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


Dog nutrition

To keep your little best friends healthy and happy, you have to make sure that they are fed with nutrients that their metabolism needs. Nutrients are food components that are essential for health and growth. Here are the main nutrients your dog should get from what he eats and drinks.


No doubts that people and dogs need water more than anything. Make sure your dog always has his clean water, so that when he needs, he can go and have it. It is essential, because loss of water can even cause death.


Dogs in the diet require a fairly large amount of fat. The optimal requirement for fats is 2-3 g / kg of body weight of the dog. Fats even at a high dosage (20-40%) are digested very well and increase the taste of food. It is desirable that most of the fats in the diet are irreplaceable animal fats (from meat and fish – and not from plants).

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Vitamins and Minerals

The important vitamins that you should give are vitamin A, C, E. Vitamins A and E help to get rid of diseases and they are also good for animals’ skin. Vitamin C, as in humans, help to boost up the immune system. Vitamin D is also important, which your dog can get from sun itself, too. Potasium, magnesium and iron are among the minerals your dog should have in his diet.

In order to provide the dog with the necessary vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to feed him as diversely as possible. The diet must necessarily include raw foods, vegetables, and herbs.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition

Fruits that are safe for dogs


This fruit is the most common and safe for dogs. Moreover, it is available almost everywhere. Apple affects digestion and is a rich source of vitamin C. The sizes of the portions for dogs are, of course, different. For small dogs – a pair of sliced ​​slices, and for large dogs half an apple.


The fruit is useful and safe for dogs. Before eating, the fetal skin and pits should be removed. Experts do not recommend eating this fruit to animals that have diabetes, since papaya contains a large amount of sugar.


It is recommended to give this fruit only in very small quantities, and also to choose those ones that are not too sweet. Many pets refuse from kiwi and garnish the nose from it. This is a normal reaction, because such dogs have their own peculiarities in digestion and if it is the case you should not give it to your dog.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


A fruit that causes numerous controversies about its use in ripe and unripe form. Of course, giving a banana in an unripe form to a healthy dog ​​will not cause any problems, but a dog with health problems can have unexpected reactions – for example, vomiting. The use of bananas for small dogs in the diet is 1 to 1.5 slices per  week, and for large dogs – 1-3 bananas a week.


Melon is perfect for dogs, to quench their thirst. In principle, this is the only feature of this fruit, as there are no special useful elements in it.


Persimmon is one of the most favorite fruits of dogs, but some dogs after it suffer from a stomach disorder. This point is worth noticing with your pet. The fruit should be rid of pits and cut into small pieces. Talk to your vet before giving it.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


There are no special unsafe berries. The choice of berries depends on the preferences of the dog itself. The average portion of berries for a medium-sized dog is 4-8 berries.

Among the dried fruits should not give the dog prunes and raisins, because experts do not recommend them to use, due to the peculiarities of digestion in dogs.

Fruits that are unsafe for dogs

Citrus fruits

In most cases, feeding the dog with citrus fruits causes unpleasant consequences (cause vomiting and laxative effect), but there have been cases when some dogs ate them without any consequences with pleasure. Therefore, the dog itself will let know about whether she wants to eat citrus or not.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


Renal failure in dogs can occur after eating grapes. Grapes often cause in dogs and attacks of vomiting, weakness and diarrhea.


Pomegranate is strictly prohibited for dogs. Even though garnet as a whole is of great benefit to the human body, but the dog will cause stomach problems. This is due to a strong difference in human digestion and digestion of the dog (which have a strong sensitivity to acids).

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition


Avocado is a fruit containing a substance that causes vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, heart problems and pancreatitis in dogs. The fruit is contraindicated for dogs.

That’ all we have to say about dog nutrition!

Make sure to check every fruit before giving it to your little friend.

We hope you, now, have an answer to your question – ‘Can dogs eat strawberries?’!