Flow Cytometry Analysis

By | October 11, 2017

What is the flow cytometry analysis in exact?

With developing technology, people use different ways in their own lives for many areas. In scientific areas, many researchers can benefit from these improvements and also developments. In this way, they cannot have to waste of time and effort.

One of the important scientific devices is flow cytometry! What is it?

  • It provides with calculating the analysis of the cell

So, it can analyze cell with relating with its physical chemicals features. This analysis can be twenty parameters. It is so useful tool to calculate and analyze cell in many ways.

Flow Cytometry Analysis

Flow Cytometry Analysis

Where can you use it?

This type cytometry uses generally for;

  • Academic works

This technological device helps researcher determine something new. In addition to this, during doing academic works, it gains time and extra efforts.

  • Hospitals

The aim of using at hospitals is determining the diagnosis of illnesses which is related to immune system.

Flow Cytometry Analysis

Flow Cytometry Analysis

 What are the basic steps of it?

This technological device includes some steps to do properly and truly.

There are four basic steps for doing it;

  • The preparation of the sample

In this step, researcher or doctors take blood a bit from the target person or animal. After then, the blood sample examines in detail and then these cell indicate with special cell-markers.

Thanks to fast developing technology gradually, you can use 18 cell-markers with together. So, it provides researcher and also doctors with many advantages such as saving cost, time and at the same time effort!

  • The calibration of the instrument

In this step, adjusting detectors are so important. For each research, doing the device’s calibration is so essential.

  • Collecting data

In this third step, cells collect with together by using flow cytometry in careful. You should try to collect your data properly and truly. This step is so essential to reach true datum.

  • Analyzing data

You can acquire graphical information via computers. On these graphical information, researchers try to determine whether their aims include in this blood or not by using biological experiences.

Flow Cytometry Analysis

Flow Cytometry Analysis

What are its important features?

Today modern world, doing research and determine of the illnesses’ diagnosis become much easier day by day. The reason why these researches and illnesses can do in easy ways is that the technology provides these people with many advantages. Today people can use much more useful and efficient devices to do research.

There are some important feature of the flow cytometry analysis;

  • It can give an information about the cell by considering how the light reflects
  • Thanks to this way, you can easily understand what type of cell observe
  • It is so expensive technique
  • It uses for the diagnosis of the lymph cancer

After reading this article, you can get much more information about flow cytometry in true way.