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By | May 7, 2018

What is a UML Diagram?

UML means with open expression Unified Modeling Language. As software technology develops, the complexity and difficulty of programs which are written is increasing. In Today’s world the software and hardware are intertwined. Large network systems are growing and it will be difficult to organize the complex systems and works. So, there is a need for a standard modelling and analysis language. UML is more suitable object oriented programming languages. If the problems can be divided into small parts and if there is a relation between these parts, the UML diagram can be used easily. For example; we can think of a restaurant. There is a relationship (may be direct or indirect) among a customer, a waiter and a cook. Such relationships are represented by various diagrams in the UML.

UML Diagram

UML Diagram

How to Create a UML Diagram?

You can create a UML diagram in different kinds and for various purposes in the projects. There are few ways of creating these diagrams with the programs. There are different diagram types such as below:

  • UML Class Diagram
  • UML Use Case Diagram
  • UML Activity Diagram
  • UML Component Diagram
  • UML Sequence Diagram
  • UML Blank Diagram

It is possible to use the UML Models to understand, design, organize and discuss the software programs. The users can easily define the structure of the related system. Communication is more powerful in collaborated projects through the UML graphs because the project was divided into small parts and connections were established. Via the online UML tools, you can create easily and draw many professional diagrams! Some online tools are available to draw the UML graphs free of charge!

You can use also the ready templates for UML graphs. They are pre-designed formats and very practical. If you use them to create your own UML graphs, you will complete your work in a short time and they will look professional.

UML Diagram

UML Diagram

Where can you find the Free Online UML Tools?

It is not difficult to use online tools and find them in an easy way.  Write some key words such as “free UML Diagrams online tool” etc. on the search engines. There are many options and you can create and draw the most appropriate diagrams for your needs and desires. Here are the some advantages of these online tools:

  • They are free of charge!
  • The tools are easy to use
  • You can use the tools completely according to your needs
  • You do not spend too much time
  • The tools are useful and practical
  • Usually an account on the site is sufficient for using these tools
  • They are online so you don’t need to install them
UML Diagram

UML Diagram

The Best UML Online Tools

There are some good websites for using the online UML tools. We are listing some of them at below:


Let’s choose a website and start to create your UML Diagram easily and fast with an online tool!