Create a Resume

By | November 2, 2017

What is a Resume?

  • Resume is a document written by the applicants who want to apply for the specific job.

It is also an opportunity to talk about their achievements and uniqueness that can be realized and even become the basis for employment in the claimed position, with a view to obtaining for them any moral or material reward.

Create a Resume

Create a Resume


Write your surname, name and patronymic as the title, and continue with the following blocks:

  • Personal Info

Specify date of birth, age, marital status, availability of children and their age. If there are no children, this should also be noted. If you are a citizen of another state, it makes sense to specify citizenship.


  • Contact Information

This section is part of the applicant’s personal info. Here, specify your address, phone number and e-mail. It is desirable to indicate a detailed home address, but it is not necessary.


  • Goal of writing the resume

In the Goal or Purpose section you can indicate which position you are applying for or briefly describe the type of work you are looking for. Also here, the desired amount of wages is indicated.

Create a Resume

Create a Resume

  • Education

In the Education section, the year of entry and graduation of the institution, its full name and the city where it is located are written. Further, the faculty, the specialty indicated in the diploma, and the qualification are indicated.


  • Professional qualifications

This section is also called a Qualification section and including this bloch to your resume is not mandatory. Here you can summarize your previous experience and briefly describe your most valuable knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Experience of Work

This is the main part of your resume. It describes the work experience of the applicant. In the reverse chronological order, specify the previous jobs, starting with the last. Each place of work is described in the following sequence: the period of work, the name and scope of the company, the position.

Create a Resume

Create a Resume

  • Additional Information

This section, as a rule, consists of the following subsections:


  • special skills,
  • knowledge of languages,
  • computer skills,
  • personal qualities,
  • interests and hobbies.



To create a resume, remember the following principles:

  • Necessary ınformation

Thinking about your resume, first of all, determine its purpose, that is, decide what kind of work you want to get. Analyze your professional experience and choose from it only what exactly corresponds to the goal. The selective approach will protect the resume from unnecessary information.


Describing your experience and skills, be realistic and objective. You should be prepared to justify everything that is indicated in the resume.

Create a Resume

Create a Resume

The summary should not exceed two pages, so the information should be briefly stated, placing emphasis on the most important and significant for the employer.


It is necessary to be extremely specific in the choice of formulations.


For creating a good formatted and structured resume you need a template, especially if it is your first time writing it. Templates make it easy for you to create websites in an appropriate form.

Below are given the websites to help you with it:

  • Office Templates –
  • Pinterest –
  • Hloom –
  • Resume Genius –
  • Resume Companion –
  • Up to Work –
  • Canva –
  • ShareLatex –

Get you free template now and create a resume that will get you to the interview easily!