How is a Data Warehouse different from a Regular Database?

By | April 26, 2018

What is a Data Warehouse?

A data ware house is a digital environment to which the different data come from the different sources. It can be confused with the regular database but their methods are not same with each other. In real; also warehouse system is a database on basically but it focuses on the analysis of data that are collected from the difference sources. Warehouse system of data is a very useful tool to be helpful for the companies’ investment, future plan and other important decisions. There are different views and discussions about a warehouse. It is a common view that a warehouse must be used in by only the companies which really need that system. Because; even it has many advantages of filtering, analyzing and choosing the right data also it is generally an expensive system. This system may have some disadvantages so it is important to decide if the company need a warehouse or not.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

What are the Differences between The Data Warehouse and a Regular Database?

There are some differences between a data warehouse and a regular data base. Before we go into detail, we can express that the analysis is the most important and typical feature of a warehouse. On the other hand, database system focuses on the regular transactions. The analysis is not important. The data is not be filtered.  Below you can review the some differences between these two data base system:

  • Database is a backing storage for data. Regular transactions are important
  • A Warehouse filters, queries, analyzing the big information
  • The potential of the warehouse is bigger than the database
  • Database is interested in the current information while a warehouse is interested in the old historical data
  • The old data may be cleaned or collected in the back up in database
  • Data isn’t deleted from the warehouse system
  • Database can often updated but the warehouse is not updated very often
  • Warehouse is an irregular system. On the other hand, the database works as regular
  • A warehouse stores the data in very different patterns from the regular database system
Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

How does Warehouse System work?

A Warehouse is an architectural structure and environment; this means it is not a product or program. The warehouse collects data from different sources. Its system retrieves and cleans the data then makes this information to transform into more understandable and clear format. It analyses the information more easily because it can separate them. Before the information being transferred into the warehouse, it passes through some operates. This process is called as ETL. (Means; Extract, transform and load) In this method; according to the data purpose of use, the data is entered with the desired format.


Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

The Importance of a Warehouse

A warehouse is used to quickly get the easy-to-access quality information that can be used to make decisions effectively. Knowledge is very important in the business world but there are too many information. Knowledge is a powerful tool in competitive conditions. As the amount of data increases, it becomes harder to find and use the information that is really needed. A data warehouse is an effective tool in this regard.

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