What is SWOT Analysis Template?

By | October 12, 2017

What is SWOT analysis template in exact?

Most of firms start to discover new opportunities. SWOT analysis template helps you controlling threats and disappear them totally. Actually, using these analysis template can help you in two ways.

There are two ways to benefit from this type of analysis;

  • Realizing strength ways!

Thanks to this analysis, you can realize your own strengths ways and you can examine many opportunities in the best way.

  • Realizing weakness ways!

Again, in this way you can realize your own weaknesses and you can be much more cautious against any threats. So, you can easily start to far away from it or fight it.

First letter S comes from strengths, second letter W comes from weakness, third letter O comes from opportunities and finally last letter T comes from threats.


SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template

How should this type of analysis template use in many areas?

Nowadays, this type of analysis templates becomes much more popular and common day by day. Many areas start to use it for realizing themselves. We can examine this analysis from two different perspectives.

There are two different areas which are using this type of analysis template;

  • For business sectors;

This kind of analysis appears some opportunities which are so useful and can be used for benefits and interests. On the other hand, the weakness for business appears clearly so that business sectors can be gain a power against any threats and then they can easily control when they encounter such threats. Unless this type of analysis do not use a lot, firms can try to cope with these treats and making a profit start to become much more difficult.

In addition to this, you can use this analysis to other business. Thanks to do this, you can develop many strategies to make a profit for your own business. In the market, you can easily compete with other business and you can be so successful with developing strategies.

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template

  • For individuals;

Thanks to this type of analysis, you can realize your strengths in exact. So you can use its features. In other words, by realizing your own strengths you can apply a job which is so compatible with your skills. Then, you can be successful. Also, you can use this technique for your own private life.

In addition to this, you can realize your weaknesses. So, you can behave in this way on your own life. In psychology, it is a fight or flight!

Important points!

  • Useful tool to analyze
  • To minimize threats
  • To create new opportunities
  • To gain a new perspective
  • To focus on strengths
SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template

Some samples for this analysis!

For new open business;


  • Powerful market strategies
  • Good service
  • Low cost saving
  • Reasonable prices


  • New open
  • No prestige

After reading this text, you can use these steps for SWOT analysis template in the best way.