SWOT Analysis Examples

By | October 8, 2017

What is the SWOT analysis exactly?

Today, with fast and continuous developing technology, many techniques provides people with so many advantages such as gaining extra time and effort. SWOT analysis is one of the useful techniques.

We determine why this analysis should be use! First of all, we can easily understand when you learn its means of the letters;

S= strength

W= weakness

O= opportunities


Swot Analysis Examples

Swot Analysis Examples

There are four basic ideas about this type of analysis;

  • Strength;

By analyzing this type of analysis, you start to realize suddenly your own strengths. In this way, you can move in this direction and you start to take advantage of it.

  • Weakness;

While using this analysis, you can much more realize your bad behaviors, habits and weaknesses. So, you are much more conscious people and you start to behave in this direction. You can totally know how to try to cope with them in this way.

  • Opportunities;

This part is mainly related to your strengths. By realizing them in proper way, you start to encounter with many new opportunities and you can take advantage of them efficiently. So you can make a profit in your life.

  • Threat;

This part is also related with your weaknesses. Realizing your own threats makes you much more conscious people. So you can easily cope with them in case you encounter these threats.

Swot Analysis Examples

Swot Analysis Examples

What areas use this analysis technique?


Today, many business areas and individuals start to use this type of analysis.

  • For business;

They can make o profit by using this technique. In other words, this analysis technique helps those developing new strategies against other companies. In market, they can start to take advantage of this analysis. This is mainly because, many companies use this analysis to other companies and they can realize the features of the other side.


  • For individuals;

By using this analysis technique, people gain consciousness about themselves. So, they can profit in their own lives. They can have a right decision about their jobs and other options.

There are some important points about this analysis!

  • Efficient way to analyze
  • To minimize threats
  • To maximize opportunities
  • To create new opportunities
  • To gain a new perspective
  • To focus on strengths
  • To fight against threat
  • To realize all of things


Using this analysis technique, you can benefit from these points!

Swot Analysis Examples

Swot Analysis Examples

Some examples of this analysis technique


By examining its examples, you can comprehend clearly. For example;

  • For new-open places



  • New bright ideas about their own business so you can take advantage of it
  • Much more work
  • Maybe much more taking effort


Swot Analysis Examples

Swot Analysis Examples


  • no any prestige in the market
  • no name
  • no guarantee to be honest


So, you can realize all of things and take a precaution against any threats. SWOT analysis provides you with many advantages!