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By | December 11, 2017


  • It is a quick overview of your previous work experience, education, skills and achievements that are related to the company you are applying for.

The main reason why people want and write the resume is to highlight the candidate between all of other applicants, to attract the attention of the employer and, to make him invite you to the interview. And this is very difficult to do.

Imagine for a moment the fact that the mail box of your employer gets tens or even hundreds of resumes per day. And to look at your resume, he will spend about a minute that is why you have to be careful.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word


Want to start writing your own resume?

Read the main parts of resume, first!

The six main points of the resume:

  • Surname, name and patronymic

It is better to write on top your surname, name and patronymic. Such a title will help quickly find your resume in a stack of hundreds of similar papers.


  • Contact Information

Here it is necessary to provide the most complete and thorough information that will allow them to contact you quickly and effectively if they are interested in your candidacy.


  • Goal

The employer, as a rule, opens a number of vacancies, so the next step is to make the heading “Purpose” or Goal. Here it is necessary to write on what vacancy, job, or field of activity you are applying for.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word

  • Education

Write a heading “Education” and list the schools, universities, courses, institutes, etc. Which you have already completed or in which you continue to study. List only those places that are important for this particular job.


  • Work Experience

This is an important resume block, which describes the experience, including practice. Create a title “Work Experience” and list the places of your former job.

  • Use the reverse chronological order, i.e. the last place of work is the first;
  • List only those jobs that are important for the job you are looking for.
  • Do not leave spaces in the dates of the busy period.


  • Additional Information

For example, you know how to work on a computer, you know foreign languages, and you have a driving license. If any of these skills help you cope with your future responsibilities, then indicate them by creating the appropriate headings, for example, “computer knowledge”, “foreign languages”, etc.


Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word




  • Bold Resume Templates


  • Designer Resume Template Style


Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word


As we already mentioned, the employer may get hundreds of resumes in a day. If it is the case, then he won’t have much time spend on resumes, so you want to get his attraction from the first glance. Creative resume are best to do it. Because the styles of your template will be creative, there is no way it won’t get his attention.

There are a lot of creative resume templates for Word are available online.

Below we’ve found just a few of them for you, you can enhance it if you wish:

  • Hloom –
  • Creative Market –
  • Creative bloq –
  • Template Monster –
  • Canva –
  • Skillcrush –
  • FreePik –

Get one of these free creative resume templates for Word, and start personalizing it with the information stated above!