Resume Templates Available for Word

By | October 26, 2017

What is a Resume?

Resume is one of the most effective tools for finding work. It is a summary of the most important facts of your biography, mainly related to your work experience, skills and knowledge.

The average time spent on reading a resume is no more than 1-2 minutes, so it is very important to immediately attract the attention of the employer, interest him and encourage him to assign an interview to you.

When creating a resume, you need to remember that it will become your business card and should distinguish you from the whole stream of people looking for work.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word

How should a structure of a resume be?

The resume, as a rule, consists of 1-2 pages and includes the following blocks:

  • Contact Information
  • Name and surname (patronymic can be omitted).
  • Address (completely, including the index).
  • Telephone
  • E-Mail (if you do not already have a personal mailbox, before sending a resume, you must set it up).
  • Purpose (not necessarily, but desirable):
  • a brief description of what kind of job you are getting
  • why you are applying for it (no more than 6 lines, or better 2-3)
  • If a resume is sent for a specific job, then the title or code of the vacancy is written as the goal.
  • If you have several different goals, you can make two or three versions of the resume. It is better to make a few focused on different aspects of the resume than one general.

Briefly indicates the most important information for potential employers about your professional skills, strengths and achievements.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word

  • Work experience

It should be written in the reverse chronological order (the last place of work is indicated first). This is an important resume block, which describes the work experience, as a rule, over the past 10 years according to the following scheme:

  • Company name;
  • The direction of the company’s activities;
  • Terms of work;
  • position;
  • Official duties.
Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word

  • Professional skills and achievements.

When describing your achievements, use action verbs such as: developed, saved, increased or reduced.

  • Education.

It is also worth mentioning the additional education: courses, seminars, trainings, internships, etc.

  • Additional information

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computers, the availability of driver’s licenses, membership in professional organizations, etc. (a hobby should be mentioned only if it is closely related to the desired work).

If possible, indicate the possibility of providing recommendations.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word

How should a resume format be?

When preparing a resume, remember the following principles:

All information in the summary should be stated in a certain sequence and correspond to the chosen form.

  • Selectivity.

Thinking about your resume, first of all, determine its purpose, that is, decide what kind of work you want to get. Analyze your professional experience and choose from it only what exactly corresponds to the goal. The selective approach will protect the resume from unnecessary information.

Describing your experience and skills, be realistic and objective. You should be prepared to justify everything that is indicated in the resume.

The summary should not exceed two pages, so the information should be briefly stated, placing emphasis on the most important and significant for the employer.

It is necessary to be extremely specific in the choice of formulations.

Resume Templates for Word

Resume Templates for Word


If you do not have much of experience writing a good resume or if you do not have time for it, you can use the templates. They will guide you through the whole resume and will help you to write them in an appropriate format. You can find lots of free templates for your resume online. The best ones are in a word format, since it’s the easiest one to edit.  Below are some of the websites offering you resume templates for Word:

  1. Hloom –
  2. Microsoft Office –
  3. The Muse –
  4. Primer –
  5. Free Resumes –
  6. Resume Companion –
  7. Papercheck –
  8. Net –
  9. Designs Crazed –
  10. Up to Work –

We hope you, now, know the tips of writing a good resume, the resume format and ready to start writing your own. Go through the wide range of resume templates for Word, choose one and get your hand on work!