Creative Resume Templates

By | June 17, 2017

What is a resume? Why is it displaceable when we are trying to get accepted to job? A resume is a formal document that consists of job seekers education and work experience and skills. It is usually one or two pages long. It also shows all the accomplishements you achieved till that day. That is why it is not only the tool that you use to get a good job, but also a good and detailed way to write all your life experience in a piece of paper.

How should I write the resume?

There are a lot of ways to write a resume. Some try to keep it short and simple, others try to write as much as possible. But for sure everyone’s objective is to get a good one at the end. But how to write a so-called resume? Let’s learn it together step by step!

1.Did you choose your resume type?

This is the first step to take! There are some resume types, depending on what type of job you are trying to get: combination, targeted, chronological and fuctional ones. Each one of them is good for different purposes. Just make a short research on each of them and decide what kind you want to apply for your resume.

Chronological resume is a way to show your work experience in reverse order. They are also easy to write. Employers want to see your work data in order, so it is a good type of resume. Try not to use it if you have little work eperience.

Creative Resume Templates

Creative Resume Templates

Functional resumes list your strengths, accomplishements, skills which are important to employers. But it doesn’t have detailed information about your work experience. It is the most suitable one if you don’t have much work data to show.

Targeted resume is a brief and easy to read resume type. You choose this type to target the specific career path.

Combination resume is a type of resume that lists all of your skills and achievements first. After that you list your work experience in chronological order. The layout in combination resume can be eye-catching. You, in different ways, can catch the attention of an employer and make it the most creative resume.

Combination resume consists of two parts: your skills (as in functional resume) and all of your work experience. Don’t forget that- Nohing less and nothing more!

  1. Get some advice for writing it!

Yes, we all definitely need some advice from the experienced people around. They can give us an idea of what to include and what to not to our resume, how to make a creative resume. If you don’t have anyone around you to get an advice, you can use the free sources in internet. There are plenty of them!

  1. Choose a good font and size

Try to make a good first expression on people by this simple way. Fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia are the ones used the most. You may use different fonts in your resume but try to use maximum 2 fonts, so that it doesn’t look too mixed. As a size for headers you can use 14 or 16 and for general text 11 or 12.

  1. Provide your employment and then educational history.

This part depends on what type of resume you choose to write. The order is different in all of them. So, giving an example, if you write a combination resume, you want to write this part at the end, if you want to write a chronological resume you get this part at the beginning but in reverse order.

Creative Resume Templates

Creative Resume Templates

No matter of what type you choose, this part is the most important part of your resume, since the employer mainly wants to see what kind of education you got and in what types of work you have an experience.

  1. Write all of your skills

Yes, this one is important. This is the part of resume where you show all of your life experience and skills you got, gives a chance to you to show why should an employer choose you out of all the other candidates waiting out there.

You can include your volunteering experiences, your language skills, your programming skills and so many other things here.

6.Try to list your references.

Write up to five references and their contact infomation. These people should better not be anyone from your friends or family.

7.Use keywords in your resume

You probably think of why to use it. The hiring managers in advance to reading the resumes, usually scan them and look for keywords in each one. There are the keywords that companies look for when they hire people for jobs. Sometimes they even eliminate those resumes that don’t have the keywords they specifically look for. So,  when you write your resume, don’t forget to include your keywords there.

Use creative templates  

You may get confused on how to write all of that information about yourself in order. Even the most important thing here is to catch the attention. The hiring companies most of the times get many resumes and it is hard to be selected if your resume is to classic, too simple or too complex and mixed. Creative resume templates here give us a hand of help. Today we have lots of ready to use resume templates waiting for you to download.

The resume templates are easy to use and are time saving. They are accurate to use and will make your resume pop-up.

Remember, we mentioned about the resume type?

Choose the most suitable template for your resume type. There are plenty of different resume templates for any resume type.

Do you need a resume, but you don’t have time and experience on writing it? So, why not to make a good, eye-catching resume in less time and without much effort? What are you waiting for?

With the creative resume templates it is easier than ever to write an accurate and creative resumes!

Choose the resume template you like start writing it now! Good luck beforehand!