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By | December 3, 2017


  • A banner is a form of advertising on the Internet that consists of including an advertising piece inside a web page. Your primary goal is to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website that pays for inclusion. In principle, any website can include the publication of banners and other advertising formats, although they are usually the sites with contents of major interest, with a strong specialization or with large volumes of traffic, which attract the biggest investments of the advertisers.

A banner, also known as banner ad, is a normally rectangular ad placed above, below or on the sides of the main content of a website and that links to the advertiser’s website.

Banner Template

Banner Template


  • Integrated Formats

Made up of banners that have a fixed position in the template of the Web page where they are displayed.


  • Expandable Formats

Graphics that can be expanded on the screen using a second format called panel, whose size, direction of expansion, and execution (rollover and click) will be determined by the support.


Typically, these types of banners are displayed when the visitor places the pointer over the banner. Once deployed, the user can click the close button to replete the banner and access the content.

Banner Template

Banner Template

  • Floating Formats

Formats of banners that do not have fixed position in the web page. They usually move along the content of the web page where they are inserted.


The banners are measured in pixels and their measurements tend to be variable both width and length. According to their geometric form, the banners can be rectangular vertical, horizontal rectangular, square or circular.



Open Microsoft Word. Select the “Page Format” option. Click “Orientation” and select “Horizontal”.


In the same “Page Layout” window, click “Size”. You can choose the standard paper size options from the list. To enter a custom size, click the “More paper sizes” link and a dialog box will appear. From the “Paper Size” drop-down menu, select “Custom Size” and enter the width and height of your paper. Click “OK.”


Customize the background and border of your banner. Go to the “Page Background” tab of the “Page Layout” window. If you want to change the background color of your banner, select “Page Color” and choose a color. To add a border, click on “page borders”. Select the style, thickness and border color that suits your needs.

Banner Template

Banner Template


Add text to the banner. Select the “Insert” tab. In the “text” menu, select the “WordArt” option, which will add decorative text to your banner. Click on the WordArt style you want to use. In the dialog that appears, enter the font style and size you want, as well as the banner text. Click “OK.” Select the WordArt text and then go to “Format” to add more custom effects.



Add decorative clipart or images to your banner. Go to the “Insert” tab and scroll to the “Image” section. To insert a photo in your ad, click the “From file” option and select the photo (saved in your computer) that you want to use. If you click on “clip art,” you can insert images, artwork and artwork that Microsoft offers with Word 2007. You can search for clip art that conveys the concept or idea behind your ad.

Banner Template

Banner Template


If you, too, want to make an attention grabbing beautiful banner that will get clicks on, we would recommend you using the templates. They come in different versions with all their creativity, so you will have a hand full of good choices.

You can find plenty of a banner template online, and below are some of the websites offering these templates free of charge:

  • Canva-
  • Banner Snack –
  • Freepik –
  • Vecteezy –
  • LucidParess –
  • Colorlib –
  • Design Shock –

Get your banner template and start making beautiful banners with ease!