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Cornell Notes Template


Sections in Cornell notes template

Here is a few steps in the Cornell note-taking process. First after the reading the material, video, text or book as an example and the first thing is take your note paper and divide it up in the way you by drawing a huge letter ‘’I’’. After you divided your paper into sections, make sure you live room to write. If you do not leave enough space to write, you get frustrated. Everything must fit on the paper.

  1. Write down the topic that you are supposed to be reading about or listening to on the very top line is. Then write your name and the date on the paper in case your notes get lost or need to know when the notes were written.
  2. The large area on the right side is for notes and drawings.
  3. When you are taking notes, you can skip lines between the ideas. So as you are using the material skip the couple of lines and leave some space to go back later and add things.
  4. Abbreviate as needed your notes words and phrases. It makes you sure that you understand the abbreviations you are using, so you can go back to your note and find the meaning in case you forget what the abbreviations for.
Cornell Notes Template
Cornell Notes Template

Bottom section of Cornell notes template

The following thing is the bottom section, using it means that during notes-taking process you write down key ideas, abbreviations, special word and phrases, you make it understandable and systematize it in bottom section. Here is the summary in short area you write down the conclusions and some results of getting information, material. Therefore, the bottom section make your note clear what you should know about the material. Somebody who has never learned it before need to take explanations in notes what you are writing about.

Cornell Notes Template
Cornell Notes Template

Key ideas in Cornell notes template

After reading the text, or other kind of information, try to look it through and then you should go back and pull out each section of the Cornell notes template. Pull out the key ideas, take them out and anything that important or stressed in the material. These key ideas write in the left column. Make sure that what the key idea is and it is clear and understandable.

Cornell Notes Template
Cornell Notes Template

Useful prescriptions to using Cornell notes template

The last step of pull out the Cornell notes template is the summarizing completely taking notes process. If take into account each step of Cornell taking notes process, be sure your work is done excellent and you will success on test or quiz. In addition, here the main concepts you need to recollect during writing your notes on the Cornell notes template.

  1. Read sever times your notes in the right column
  2. Focus on understanding the key ideas in the left column
  3. The key ideas are the essential thing you can face on the test or quiz.
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