Envelope Template

By | October 18, 2017

What is an envelope template?

In the modern world, many people want to avoid repetitions and copies, so when organizing an event or business, everyone tries to pay attention to any little things and make it unique. This applies to envelopes as well. From this point of view, using the original envelope template helps create a unique design for example, for a wedding invitation or greeting card.

On the other hand, a ready envelope template is a great alternative to hiking in a stationery store or post office, because you can make it right at home or in the office. All you need for to do it is a printer, scissors, and paper glue. In fact, the envelope template is a printed out on the sheet of paper a scheme of the finished envelope with the specified lines for bends.

Envelope Template

Envelope Template

Where can you find the envelope template?






Because the use and production of the envelope template implies simplicity and most often home use, you can find ready templates on the Internet, on specialized sites. Most websites offer ready-made templates for downloading or printing directly from the site for free. The sites have quite detailed and understandable instructions, following which you easily get a ready-made template.

Envelope Template

Envelope Template

On the Internet, there is a large selection of shapes and sizes of patterns, so you need to carefully choose the size of the future envelope. You can easily find the table of correspondence of standard formats and sizes of the template. You also need to carefully study the instructions of your printer and make sure that it can print the size of the template you have chosen.

Printing and creating an envelope template

  • So, after you have chosen the appropriate design of envelope template, and also chose its size, it’s time to print it.
  • Before you press the “print” button on your printer, you need to make sure that it can print the size you selected, and also select the paper for the envelope: it can be classic white paper, colored, corrugated or thick cardboard.
  • It is worth noting that the possibility of applying any other type of paper other than the classic is worth checking in the instructions of your printer.
  • In addition, often the Internet sites on which ready-made envelope templates are placed, offer to save the file on your computer. This is convenient because later you can use it again, without wasting time searching.
Envelope Template

Envelope Template

Best envelope template

The best envelope template can be considered one that fits perfectly in shape, design and size for its contents. Because the figured edges of a pink envelope are hardly suitable for sending a business card, for example, but the same envelope will be the best for alerting a family and friends about a newborn.

So, when choosing an envelope template, you should proceed from the goals that you have.