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Resume for College Student


What is a Resume for College Student?

A resume for a college student is a CV that written in compatible with a college student’s features.  College student resumes generally don’t emphasize the work experiences; so the education, certificates, internship etc. information is more important in these resumes. College students generally have not been in the business life except the internship experiences. When you want to prepare a resume; if you are a college student or you have just graduated, you should create your CV by highlighting your education and other skills.

Resume for College Student
Resume for College Student

How to Write a College Student CV?

Every resume must be prepared as well-thought. A resume for college student must in a special format and emphasize the strength points of the students. Below, you can follow the some important points that a college student CV should include:

  • Write your full name at the heading part or as a first part of your resume
  • Give your contact information as clearly (at the header part; under the full name or write it as the first part )
  • Then, write your education information. Emphasize your achievements and awards at this part.
  • If you have a work experience or an internship write them after the education and awards/achievement part.
  • Give details about your works; don’t write only the company’s/position’s name and the date. Explain what you did at these companies. State your duties clearly.
  • Write your certificates, hobbies , skills or social/other activities
Resume for College Student
Resume for College Student

Points to note in a College Student Resume

There are some important points and details that you should note when you prepare your resume for a job application. If you write your CV as well as possible, your chance for that job will be higher! So, you can see and review some tips about a college student resume:

  • A college student resume is not focused on what the students did before. It should focus on the potential of the student. The employers will evaluate the students according to their potential for the future.
  • Even if you want to be honest, don’t write anything about yourself Keep in mind that you have to be honest but don’t write anything which may affect the employers negatively
  • Your education and achievements in your school life are very important. Highlight your strong skills especially the ones related to the job
  • Employers give importance to the social and cultural activities. Write them on your resume.
  • Use positive and strong words; research, create etc. You should seem as active.
  • Don’t write any unnecessary detail. Your CV must be 1-2 pages
  • Check and fix your mistakes on your CV (spelling, grammar, format, contain etc.)
Resume for College Student
Resume for College Student

College Resume Templates

You must write your resume in a professional format. In order to create good, professional looking and effective resume, you may use a ready template provided for the college student resume.  You can find the templates at many websites free of charge! The steps are very easy; start to create a resume for college student; choose a template, download easily and edit it as you like!

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