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Security Guard Resume


What is a Security Guard Resume?

A security guard resume is a document which states the qualifications, education and past work experiences information, contact information, awards, certificates etc.  of a person who wants to work as a security guard. This is not the main key for win a job but have a very high importance for affect the employers at first. If you are a security guard or you are new at this job, in order to get the job you applicate for, your resume should be powerful. You should use your CV’s power but for this goal, your resume must be prepared well. Every detail written in your CV will make an impress on the employers as good or bad. So, your CV should be well-thought and mustn’t reflect any negative thing about you.

Security Guard Resume
Security Guard Resume

How to write a Resume for Security Guard job?

There are many details in order to prepare a Security Guard Resume. You should be careful about the different resume formats. We will tell you one of them. Below, you can see the some required information that your resume should include:

  • Write your full name at the header part of your resume.
  • Give contact information just under the header part. Write as clearly.
  • First, you may write the summary of your past experiences about the security guard
  • Secondly, you would better to write the “highlights” parts; this part is very important and must take attention of the employer. Emphasize your skills which can strength the possibility of doing the job well. Sort your features such as; criminal law knowledge, focused, disciplined CCTV proficiency etc…
  • Write your past experiences in a reverse order. State the last experience above the others
  • Don’t write only the names and the dates; explain what you did while you were working at those companies.
  • If you have some certificates, awards or honours etc. , write them at the bottom of your resume
Security Guard Resume
Security Guard Resume

Points to note in a Security Guard CV

When you prepare your resume, you should know that this resume is more than the information it contains! A resume reflects you positively or negatively to the companies and employers. So, be careful and very attentive with each detail you will give on your CV. A security guard has a great responsibility so it is normal that you have to be reliable. You must have some important qualifications such as flexibility, high physical and mental performance. Having an ethic value, being very cautious are also very important for this job. You have to emphasize your qualifications to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. Don’t give any wrong information, be honest.

Security Guard Resume
Security Guard Resume

The Best Templates

Some web sites provide free resume templates and samples related to the Security Guard job. Here are the some websites:


Create your resume with a free security guard template; download and edit it very easily!

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