Simple resume

By | June 1, 2017

Millions of simple resume templates are available online. Here in this post you will get some points, which will help you to find the perfect resume template for your dream job.

Nowadays, Resume is an important tool to get accepted to a job. Writing a good resume increases the changes to get the position you want.

It should usually be one or two pages long. It can be 3 pages long, too, if you have a lot of stuff to show to your employer. More than that is not reccomended. It also shows all the accomplishements you achieved till that day. That is why it is not only the tool that you use to get a good job, but also a good and detailed way to write all your life experience in formal document.

The important thing to remember is that the resume should be simple and easy to read.


If you are new to bussiness, you may not know how to start writing a simple and neat resume, how to make it efficient, what the do’s and don’t’s of an outstanding resume are, what the most important parts are that you have to pay attention to.

With step-by-step description we will show you how to write a simple resume.

But before starting it, let’s know the difference between resume and CV. A lot of people today confuse those two with eash other.


Curriculum Vitae comes from a Latin Word meaning “course of life” and is a document that contains more detailed info than resume. In simple words, CV should be more detailed. It is not only longer, but it also mentions your accomplishments and experiences in more detailed way.

Once you decide either to write a resume or CV, then let’s get started!

The first thing to do is to decide which type of resume to write to grap the attention from the beginning.

Simple Resume

Simple Resume

 What resume type to choose? What does each type of resume look like?

There are some resume types you can use. The format always depends on the type of job you are applying to.There are chronological, functional,targeted, combination and other types of resumes.

Chronological resume is a way to show your work experience in reverse order. This means the positions you worked at recently should be at the top of your resume. Chronological Resumes are also easy to write. Employers want to see your work data in order, so it is a good type of resume. Try not to use it if you have little work eperience.

Functional resumes list your strengths, accomplishements, skills which are important to employers. But it doesn’t have detailed information about your work experience. It is the most suitable one if you don’t have much work data to show.

Targeted resume is a brief and easy to read resume type. You choose this type to target the specific career path.

Combination resume is a type of resume that lists all of your skills and achievements first. After that you list your work experience in chronological order. The layout in combination resume can be eye-catching. You, in different ways, can catch the attention of an employer and make it the most creative resume.

Combination resume consists of two parts: your skills (as in functional resume) and all of your work experience. Don’t forget that- Nohing less and nothing more!

İf you decided on type of your resume, then let’s write it!

First thing is contact information.

Simple Resume

Simple Resume

How to include a contact information to your resume?

You have to write your contact information at the top of your resume

This is how you should write the contact information:

Contact Information

-Full Name Name/Last Name



-Email Address

-Links to Your Blogs or Websites (if you have)

Your emails should be named professionally. This means instead of using emails such as or , you should use more appropriate names which include only your name and last name and date birth if necessary. It may look like or

If you do not have such an email, then create one for professional purposes.

Before you write a link to your website or blog, check if you have something inappropriate there. If you do, either delete that stuff or just do not use the link in your contact information section.

The good way to start any resume after contact information is to introduce yourself.

You have to try to make this part impressive so that you can grab the attention of your employer.

Education section on your resume

After you finish writing about yourself you have to start writing abouy your education experience.Remember you should write it in reverse order, meaning the most resent ones should be at the top.

You want to include your secondary and high school information, university degree, internships if you have any, summer caps and etc. Do not forget to note the date beside them, too.

State your work experience

Write where and when you worked in chronological order. Don’t forget to mention your position and the dates you worked in those jobs.

Create a part for your skills and achievements.

This section is where you write all the experiences through your carreer. You can also include your achievements in this section

Why There is a Need to Focus on Skills Part?

One of the must principles of an outstanding resume is sprinkling your skills in your resume.

Do not write all the skills you got, including unnecessary ones, instead list the key skills written in the job description.

Do not forget that your simple resume should be neat and easy to read.

List the references.

List 2 to 3 references. This will definitely strengthen your resume

Choose a good font and size.

Try to make a good first expression on people by this simple way. Fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia are the ones used the most. You may use different fonts in your resume but try to use maximum 2 fonts, so that it doesn’t look too mixed. As a size for headers you can use 14 or 16 and for general text 11 or 12

Check if there are any grammar mistakes in your resume. If there are, correct them.