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Twitch Overlay Template


What is a Twitch Overlay Template?

A Twitch Overlay Template is a pre-designed format to create the overlay for the games. Normally a twitch overlay can be created by the any image edit programs such as Photoshop but it is necessary to have knowledge and more time in order to create the overlay. A ready template is a very practical tool in compare to a program. There are very different templates designs for the twitch overlays. The users can make their twitch overlays in a short time and effortlessly through a template. Templates have editable parts in the various sides. They can be easily customized and edited by following the directions given on the template. With a twitch overlay; the appearance of the screen will be more beautiful.

Twitch Overlay Template
Twitch Overlay Template

How to Use a Twitch Overlay Template?

A twitch overlay template is a great convenience for people who want to make twitch overlays. This is also funny if you like the twitches. Via a ready template, you will see that it is very easy to create them. In general a template may include the following titles and sections:

  • On the top –header section “your name”
  • There may be twitter and other social media links
  • Text sections
  • Different twitch overlay designs
  • Image sections
  • Channels slogan
  • About me section
Twitch Overlay Template
Twitch Overlay Template

There are many various template designs so these are just an example to give an idea for this type of templates. When you completed your page with using a ready template you can add this to your stream through “Open Broadcaster Software”. This step is simple. If you use a ready template;

  • You do not need to think too much about the design and the details you can edit the templates effortlessly
  • You can complete your twitch overlay via the template in a very short time
  • You do not need to use an image editing program
  • Templates are very easy to use
  • They are customizable and editable
  • Templates are generally free but more professional templates may be sold
  • There are many design and format options
Twitch Overlay Template
Twitch Overlay Template


Where can you find the Templates?

You can find the ready templates for creating the Twitch Overlays at many websites. Templates are generally free of charge! They are easily found via a search engine. Write the key words on it and see the results. You may type the words like “free template twitch overlay download” or “free template twitch overlay editable” etc. There are some simple directions at the websites; just to follow them and create your twitch overlay. If you want you can change the some details such as the color, font size, font type etc.

Twitch Overlay Template
Twitch Overlay Template

The Best Templates

We are listing some good websites for you! If you want to review the template samples and designs, you may visit the following links:


If you desire to create your Twitch Overlays effortlessly; choose a Twitch overlay template and start to edit it!

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