What is a Bill of Sale Template?

By | October 19, 2017

What is a bill of sales template?

A sales bill is a reporting document that is widely used by companies or individuals in trading when dealing with cash. It is used when the seller must confirm the receipt of funds and the completion of a sale transaction. Most often, bills of sales are used in cases where the seller has the right not to use cash registers in his work or when the buyer needs a transcript of the full list of purchased products, their condition and value.

In turn, templates of sales bills are used as ready-made forms, in which you can include the information you need about the transaction of purchase and sale. Of course, the use of such templates greatly simplifies the process of preparing such documentation and fully meets all legal requirements and is of a junior strength, provided that the template form is fully completed.

Bill of Sales Template

Bill of Sales Template

Where you can use the bill of sales template?

This template you can use when making any sales transactions. It does not matter whether you sell or buy, the initiative to create a bill of sales can come from either side of the transaction. A bill of sales template you can use when buying or selling:

  • Any kind of vehicle (car, motorcycle, motor boat, etc.)
  • Any kind of real estate (house, apartment, parking space, etc.)
  • Any kind of personal belongings (furniture, jewelry, etc.)
  • Animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

This is not a complete list. In fact, you can create a sales receipt for anything you sell or buy. The decision to create a bill of sale is determined only by its expediency.

Bill of Sales Template

Bill of Sales Template

What should be noted in the bill of sales template?

It should be noted that some states have special rules for processing a sales bill and ready templates have a standard form. Before the transaction begins, you should carefully study the information on this topic. In all other cases, the general form of the template is applied in which it should be noted:

  • Full information about the seller and the buyer (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.)
  • Information about the goods (product name, state at the time of sale, quantity, price, method of payment)
  • Marked guarantees of the seller, that the goods are not under arrest or are not mortgaged by the bank and have no other faults other than those specified in the product description in the bill.
  • Signatures of the seller and the buyer, the date of the transaction
Bill of Sales Template

Bill of Sales Template

Recommendations for using the bill of sales template

When completing the template, make at least two copies of the check – one must remain with the buyer, the second with the seller.

When making major purchases, the parties can confirm personal information with an attached copy of the photo ID.

Remember that using a bill of sales template when creating a bill is a security guarantee for a deal.