Where does the Caster Sugar come from?

By | October 20, 2017

What is caster sugar?

A caster sugar is a type of sugar which is generally used by the bakers because its crystals are good so dissolution occurs quickly. This sugar seems as valuable because it can be very easily and commonly used in many desserts. Sugar is crumbled and brought to a powder consistency with corn starch. It is more convenient to consume it quickly because there is a possibility that sugar flocculation if you wait too long to consume. Hiding conditions of powdered sugar are important for healthy consumption. This sugar needs to be protected from moisture. Even the cube sugar and granulated sugar found in your kitchen can be easily converted to powdered sugar.

Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

Where is the powdered sugar used?

You can use caster sugar in many foods and drinks. Powdered sugar is commonly preferred to use in desserts, pie, cakes, drinks, fruits etc… Especially bakers and cooks generally love powdered sugar. Sometimes this sugar can be used in the cocktails and cold drinks. It gives a very nice taste; for a healthier use of powdered sugar, you may prepare a fruit salad and you can add sugar on it. One of the most famous uses of the powdered sugar is flour cookies. This cookie is very popular with many people and it becomes very delicious with powdered sugar. Also sorbets generally include this sugar. Due to the crystals that the sugar has, the use of the powdered sugar is advantageous; it can melt very quickly so the sugar becomes ready to use in many food and drinks. Granulated sugar can be used instead of powdered sugar but the result will not be as good as the powdered sugar.

Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

Where can you find the powdered sugar?

This sugar can be sold as ready in the markets but may not always available. If you want you can prepare the powdered sugar yourself. Below, we are listing briefly the process:

  • Put the granulated sugar into a food processor. Due to the food processor you may use a little more granulated sugar than you planned.
  • Put a small tower on the food processor while it is working as a precaution against sugar dust spreading.
  • Then raise the speed of the food processor (high speed level) and wait about 2 minutes. The machine will process the sugar. ( the time differs by amount)
  • Wait about a minute; the dust should settle. After completing of this stage, the powdered sugar will be ready.
Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

Which country is the origin of the Powdered Sugar?

Powdered sugar comes from Italy. Especially due to its very fine feature, many countries preferred to use this sugar at the kitchen. There is lightness in the food which cooked by this sugar; so the bakers and the cooks can sell more foods. The caster sugar is also known as “Superfine Sugar”.

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