Best Newsletter Templates

By | December 6, 2017


  • Newsletters are like newspapers, but the information they contain is less broad than in newspapers. Newsletters are written for special audience.


Let’s start with the purpose of a news letter

  • To begin with, decide whether or not your company really needs a newsletter, or you do not want to waste your time on this venture.


  • Assess your resources, whether there will be enough time, budget and qualified personnel for this task.


  • Make sure to determine the purpose of the newsletter, because it is not just a description of several events and facts.
Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates

  • The newsletter has, in addition to coverage of events and news, several more goals:
  • Increase brand awareness;


  • To support interest in the company from the consumer side due to the lack of openly selling methods, because in the newsletter this happens not so intrusively


  • Possibility to create an image of an expert and establish a trusting relationship with the client.
Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates


Let’s see how should a good newsletter structure and format be.


  • The most important title is placed in the subject of the letter. And no matter how cool your letter is, if the topic does not get attention, it will not be read. So you have to try hard.


  • Some marketers do not diversify the theme of the letter, even if they see that their letters do not open. But let’s be honest: maybe these themes have exhausted themselves and the subscriber no longer has a desire to open a letter with such headlines?
Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates


  • Strive for simplicity in design and text


  • Pay attention to the letter. In order for the letter to be easily and quickly read by subscribers, it should be concise.


The overabundance of objects, details, graphic elements is inadmissible. They should not confuse the reader, but rather, direct the eye in the right direction, and not distract from the main.


  • Your goal is not to post the entire version of the article or the news in a letter, but to interest the reader and bring it to a website or blog. The short text should be filed so that the subscriber wants to understand and learn more.


  • The online store of eco-goods and healthy food in its news digest tells about the stones for baking. What kind of stones are likely to become interesting to everyone.
Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Templates


If you wish to make a newsletter in an appropriate format and style, it is better to use the newsletter templates. This case is important especially if you have no or little knowledge of making the newsletters. Templates will give a great and attention grabbing look and will save you a lot of time.

Below are the websites where you can find a newsletter template free of charge. Give them a try!

  • LucidPress –
  • com –
  • Canva –
  • Hubspot –
  • Stock Layouts –

Review the newsletter templates, choose the best one of your taste, make editions and get your newsletter done easily!