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By | October 29, 2017

What is a newsletter template?

A newsletter is a continuing or periodical publication containing brief materials about the work of public organizations, institutes, research results and etc.

Newsletter is often confused with the newspaper.

What is the difference between newspapers and newsletters?

  • Newsletters are produced and sent by companies, institutions and other entities.
  • Because newsletters are written for a small audience, they have fewer pages than newspapers and are free.
  • They do not have to be objective.
  • When newsletter is a case, the readers are closely related to the company it is produced by.
Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

What about newspapers?

  • Newspapers, on the other hand, should be objective.
  • They are not necessarily free and they have larger audience
  • There is a set of rules that newspapers should follow, which is not the case with newsletters.
  • Newspapers have more pages and are widely available products.

What is a template for a newsletter?

A newsletter template is a template in which you can:

  • add or delete the information,
  • change the content,
  • add images accurately,
  • do everything related to your work on your newsletter.
Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

There are some negative thoughts on the usage of the templates of newsletters, like all of the newsletters created with the same template will look exactly like each other, there won’t be much of a difference between them and so on and so forth. But all of these consumptions are far from being real. With the good planning of the content and changing the features of the template mostly with your own, none of the newsletters will look like each other, even if you keep using the same one over and over.

Why to use templates for newsletters?

Using templates for newsletters are important in terms of writing newsletters without a lot of effort and time.

When making a newsletter page on programs yourself, you might face some complications like:

  • the text not fitting the shape of the rectangle you pasted there,
  • you can’t insert an image in between the side texts,
  • being able to determine the length of the headings
  • not knowing what font to choose for them,
  • not knowing the features like wrapping text behind the photo, or photo behind the text,
  • the shortage of time to think on the creative and appropriate design and so on.

Templates help you to solve all of those problems and with these save you lots of time, do not let you to stress a lot and at the end have really eye-catching, informative, well-designed and well-formatted newsletters.

Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

How to make a template for a newsletter?

Now let’s look at how to create this template.

For this use the program Microsoft Office Publisher and follow these simple steps:


  • Click on “Start” and go to “Programs” – “Microsoft Office Publisher”
  • Open “Publication”.


  • Hover the cursor over the label “Publish to print” and click 2 times.
  • You will see a list. From the list choose “Bulletin”


  • Then select the layout. You can change the layout by adding your own drawings.


  • After carefully reading the instructions on the page, fill out the newsletter with the text if you wish.
Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

Best newsletter templates to use

A lot of people struggle with the format of newsletters. It is not so easy to work with the tables as it seems to be. But this is where we tend to use the templates because of their guide and simplicity to use.

Below we’ve found you the list of the websites where you can find the templates for your newsletter. Here they are:

  1. Creative Bloq –
  2. Net. –
  3. Cake Mail –
  4. Lucid Press –
  5. Mailify –
  6. Template Monster –
  7. Theme Forest –
  8. Get Response –
  9. Box –
  10. Email –
  11. Smile Templates –

We hope you have enjoyed the article and with the help of the list given above you can find the newsletter template of your taste and start making your newsletter!